Why Reform

Why Reform

We Need Change NOW!

Historically, the NRA has urged us all to look the other way whenever scandals came to light. It’s easy to ignore troubling reports from media outlets with obvious biases. However, recent scandals have come to light that are well-sourced, well documented, and much less easily dismissed. Some of the most damning revelations have emerged in plain sight for NRA members to witness first-hand, so there’s no more room to blame the media. This is why we decided to stop ignoring these problems and demand change.

You Be The Judge

Given the sheer volume of information swirling around, we have compiled some of the information here for anyone who wishes to review it. Click the links below to learn more about what prompted Save the Second to take action. Then you can judge for yourself what to believe or not.

Online Articles

Video Summaries

More to Come

This page was last updated on November 4rd, 2019 with the addition allegations with more gross waste of money in an article by the Wall Street Journal. When will the NRA Board of Directors do something?

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