We need you!

We’re in the process of gathering a list of everyday folks like you who can help bring Our Five Goals to fruition with a little bit of time, strategy, and good old fashioned elbow grease. Ready to help out? Excellent. Just fill out the form below, and we’ll follow up as quickly as possible. Welcome aboard!

A volunteer with us can expect to contact local ranges and gun stores, visit gun shows, attend competitions, and go to rallies sponsored by us in order to help spread the word and collect signatures as necessary.


On the front linesMaking phone callsBackground supportLeadership

We need to figure out how people want to help. If you want to be ON THE FRONT LINES then you'll be visiting gun shows, rallies, and ranges to get signatures in person. If you're more comfortable MAKING PHONE CALLS then we'll try to get you a list of potential contacts to call and start networking. BACKGROUND SUPPORT members would be involved in things like picking up petitions from the printer, helping set up banners at rallies and gun shows, basically keeping out of the public eye but still contributing. If you're looking to be in LEADERSHIP, then you'll be coordinating on a state or local level if chosen for the position. If you have other ideas then let us know. You can select more than one.