January NRA Board Meeting ’20

January NRA Board Meeting ’20

From Save the Second’s Facebook Event for the NRA Winter Board Meeting We are six days away 

By Ron Carter
January 5, 2020

We are six days away from the January NRA Board Meeting with the Committee Meetings likely starting in just two days.

The NRA Board of Directors meet three times each year, January, April and September. These meetings also host many of the 37 standing committee meetings. One committee meeting in particular will be exceptionally important this year, the Finance Committee meeting on Friday, January 10th at 0900 in Regency Ballroom, 1st level.

The NRA Board has largely been quiet over the fall and winter months. Multiple subpoenas have been served to the NRA BoD, the latest round of subpoenas were likely served before Christmas. Merry Christmas Directors, right? Yikes.

Is this enough to spur change? Is this enough to address the failed leadership and lack of accountability in our NRA? Or is there nothing that will change those directors’ minds? Will they simply continue to allow the malfeasance and self-serving M.O.?

The list of candidates for the 2020 NRA BoD election points to the later with 37 of the 39 having been nominated by the Nominating Committee. Several candidates are only known in the firearms community as a result of acquaintance to Wayne LaPierre. Save the Second’s Guide to the NRA BoD Candidates will be published soon.

Even if the NRA leadership is not at fault for many of the transgressions they have allowed our NRA to be brought to a place where the entire organization is in jeopardy… and in one of the most important election years in our nation’s history. That is entirely unacceptable.

Poll From the Facebook group Friends of Save the Second

What can you do?

You can help by emailing the NRA BoD at nrabod@nrahq.org (please include your member I.D. number) and tell them what you would like them to do. The directors work for the members.

You can attend! You can be there and speak with your NRA BoD’s!!! If you can make it, please come out. As a NRA member you have a RIGHT to attend the NRA Board Meeting per the NRA Bylaws.

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NRA Board of Directors (BoD) Candidates

NRA Board of Directors (BoD) Candidates

What EVER you do. Don’t be one of the 94% of voting eligible NRA members that DIDN’T vote last year.

By Ron Carter

With 2019 coming to a close, the usual 26 seats on the NRA Board of Directors (DoB) will be up for election, however, we have had an unprecedented string of resignations from the NRA board. Eight directors and counting since May! While many of those vacancies were filled (per the bylaws) from last year’s runners-up (what is left of them), this year will include some 32 directors being elected (subject to change).

The list of candidates was sent out a few weeks ago shortly before Dan Boren’s resignation. If the trend continues, expect to see a few more resignations between now and the election. With only 39 candidates on the ballot, 82% will be elected out of the gate and that percentage will likely rise.


How does one get on the ballot for the NRA BoD?


The simple answer is that the NRA controls nearly all of that. In April 2019, while we were all shocked at Oliver North’s abdication, the board rapidly pushed through a bylaw amendment which introduced a new minimum qualification for BoD eligibility. They so hastily passed a “5 year lifetime membership” requirement that we watched them amend it further for clarification at the September Board Meeting.

Only by the petition of the members or by the blessing of the Nominating Committee can one who as a minimum of five years lifetime NRA member be placed onto the ballot.

Who is on this year’s ballot?

26 of the 39 are currently on the NRA BoD. That’s 66% incumbents on your ballot.

4 of the 13 not currently on the NRA BoD have been before! That’s 77% on the ballot who have been there and done that before.

37 of 39 are nominated by the Nominating Committee. That’s 95% of the ballot being controlled by who exactly?

2 candidates running by petition of the members soley.

1 candidate running by petition, not having served previously on the BoD – Mr. Frank Tait.

3 Directors w/Terms expiring on the NRA BoD and not on the ballot: Lance OlsonHeidi Washington and Melanie Pepper. They’re getting the boot, why?

33% of the candidates would be ineligible for the BoD if Save the Second’s Term Limit Bylaw Amendment Proposal By Petition is ratified.

What can I do?


You can be informed! You can vote wisely! You can make your voice heard! You can campaign for or against these candidates! You can be involved in your NRA! If you don’t believe that our NRA is in desperate need of reform check out our Why Reform page or feel free to jump into the discussion on our Facebook page.

What EVER you do. Don’t be one of the 94% of voting eligible NRA members that DIDN’T vote last year.

View the list of Candidates for NRA BoD HERE!!!

STS Board Members Discuss 2019 Fall NRA Board Meeting

STS Board Members Discuss 2019 Fall NRA Board Meeting

In this hour long conversation, the STS Board discusses the highlights, and the lowlights, of the experience… as well as the disappointing position that the Bylaws Committee took on our NRA Voting Member Petition Driven proposal to add a Minimal Attendance Rule for Board Members to the NRA Bylaws.

By Ron Carter
September 17, 2019

Three of our four Board Members were able to attend portions of the 2020 Fall NRA Board Meeting and interact with NRA Directors. Unfortunately, the NRA as an organization was not prepared or welcoming to any of the Members who attended the meetings, much less accommodating to the concerns of Save The Second.

In this hour long conversation, the STS Board discusses the highlights, and the lowlights, of the experience… as well as the disappointing position that the Bylaws Committee took on our NRA Voting Member Petition Driven proposal to add a Minimal Attendance Rule for Board Members to the NRA Bylaws.

Watch and Listen to Ron Carter, Anthony Garcia, Rob Pincus and Andy Lander discuss the 2019 Fall NRA Board Meeting HERE.

A Sixth NRA Director Resigns

A Sixth NRA Director Resigns

August 19th, 2019, Childress submitted his resignation letter to the NRA Board of Directors. 

By Ron Carter
August 19th, 2019

On April 27th, 2019 Richard Childress read NRA President Oliver North’s resignation to the attendants at the Members Meeting in Indianapolis. Childress was then serving as 1st Vice President. Two days later Childress had stepped down from the 1st VP position on the Board of Directors.

August 19th, 2019, Childress submitted his resignation letter to the NRA Board of Directors. That brings the total of directors who have resigned post NRAAM ’19 to six. Richard Childress, Julie GolobSean Maloney, Esther Schneider, Timothy Knight and Pete Brownell.

On Wayne LaPierre And His Removal

On Wayne LaPierre And His Removal

Suppose that LaPierre resigned today. What would happen? You see, all of the persons who condone and abet Wayne LaPierre would still remain and they are responsible for installing the next CEO/VP. 

By Ron Carter
August 16, 2019

On Wayne LaPierre

Many have argued that NRA CEO/VP Wayne LaPierre must be removed or resign from the NRA. Firearms industry figures like Tom Gresham, Michale Bane and more are among those. David Dell’Aquila’s grassroots movement has even filed a class action lawsuit to that effect. A recent thegunfeed.com poll had only 2% voting say that Wayne LaPierre should stay.

There are only a handful of people publicly supporting LaPierre. Most seem to be NRA Board of Directors such as Willes Lee, Marion Hammer, Joel Friedman, Carolyn Meadow, Charles Cotton, Scott Bach and a few more. Which are you?

You will notice in the five goals of Save the Second there is no mention of Wayne LaPierre anywhere. The reason that Save the Second has no mention of Wayne LaPierre is that we believe that the problems in our NRA are not solved by the removal or addition of any single person. 

The malfeasance and failures in our NRA must be confronted and corrected. The failure of the NRA Board of Directors to have acted by now is appalling! The buck may stop at Wayne LaPierre (or he and his wife’s pockets) but that isn’t where the money starts nor where the root of the problem begins. We need accountability in the entire organization not merely the CEO/VP seat.

Let’s be hypothetical for a moment:

Suppose that LaPierre resigned today. What would happen? You see, all of the persons who condone and abet Wayne LaPierre would still remain and they are responsible for installing the next CEO/VP. The “swamp” would still remain. Suppose that I benefited financially from LaPierre’s leadership and wanted to maintain my (undisclosed to Florida regulators) $270,000 annual paycheck thanks to him, I would desperately need to install a Wayne LaPierre 2.0!

Are all of the board of directors bad? Absolutely not! Many are working to solve these issues. Owen Buz Mills made the case for an independent audit after others openly called for it. NRA Board Member Allen West called for Wayne LaPierre to step down in May. Oliver North, currently engaged in a lawsuit as a result, has refused to resign from the Board. While it is discouraging that now five of the seventy-six Board of Directors have resigned over the past four months there are plenty who remain who have the courage to address the elephant in the room, but they need your help! 

NRA members have power in their NRA. Check out what that power looks like here: The Power You Wield.

  1. We need an NRA board that’s smaller than 76 directors.
  2. We need an NRA board that has term limits.
  3. We need an NRA board that shows up to the board meetings. (see our bylaw attendance petition which more than double those necessary signed!)
  4. We need an NRA board that listens to and engages with the members and encourages them to participate in their organization.
  5. We need an NRA board that is focused exclusively on the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America. 

Stand with us at Save the Second in calling for these reformations of the NRA and the NRA Board of Directors who oversee that leadership. We need more than the removal of a $274,695.03 empty suit. We need these goals met. If the goals are met, and the NRA Board stays true to its mission, corruption will have no refuge in our National Rifle Association of America.

Breaking: A Fifth NRA Director Has Resigned

Breaking: A Fifth NRA Director Has Resigned

Mrs Golob’s resignation marks the fifth director to have resigned since May 30th, 2019. While board resignations are unprecedented in the organizations history, this is not the first time that directors have been removed. 

By Ron Carter
August 12, 2019


Julie Golob has resigned her seat on the Board of Directors for the National Rifle Association of America. 

Mrs Golob’s resignation marks the fifth director to have resigned since May 30th, 2019. While board resignations are unprecedented in the organizations history, this is not the first time that directors have been removed. It was the first time that the NRA Institute for Legislative Action chief was suspended and later resigned. Since the myriad of lawsuits, investigations and allegations against the NRA and it’s CEO/VP have come to a head following the NRA Annual Meeting in April, all of the faces of the organization have changed dramatically, with the exception of CEO/VP Wayne LaPierre and his devote followers. 

Below are the names of those directors who have resigned (to date) this year. 

Pete Brownell

Sean Maloney

Timothy Knight

Esther Schneider

Julie Golob

Those who are given the opportunity to fill those board vacancies consist of the runner-up candidates from the previous election. Dave Butz filled Pete Brownell’s resignation. Adam Kraut turned down a seat on the board after the three directors resigned on August first. Anthony Colandro won the election for the 76th seat

It is unknown who else amongst the runners-up below will accept or deny those board vacancies.

Dave Butz

Adam Kraut

Richard S. Figueroa

Paul D. Babaz

Mark Robinson

Anthony P. Colandro

John Thodos

Kevin Hogan

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Adam Kraut Declines Seat On The NRA Board Of Directors… Here’s WHY

Adam Kraut Declines Seat On The NRA Board Of Directors… Here’s WHY

Further, I am not willing to put the NRA into a position where my new position and role in our community could even potentially create a conflict, or even a bad optical light that could be leveraged against it by the media and its enemies. Thus, I cannot in good conscience accept a position as an NRA director.

By Rob Pincus
August 3, 2019

Adam Kraut has released a letter explaining why he is not taking the opportunity to sit on the NRA Board of Directors… and I don’t blame him. I worked hard to support Adam’s attempts to get on the BoD in 2017 and 2018
when he ran for the 76th Seat at the NRA Annual Meeting. By 2019, having gotten onto the ballot and still not been successful, it started to become apparent that Adam’s interest in trying to help the NRA from within had waned. Even during the election cycle itself, it appeared that Adam’s passion for the seat had been stifled, as can be read between the lines of this January 19th Statement.

August 2, 2019
In 2016, I began a campaign to run for the NRA Board of Directors by petition of the members.
The idea to run for the Board started with a conversation between myself and two Board Members at the Great American Outdoor Show in Harrisburg that February. Those two Board Members were amongst those who recently resigned. After many phone calls, questions, and a lot of thought, I decided the pursue a seat, in the hopes that I would be able to lend some new ideas and a different take on issues of the Organization. Much to my surprise, my well-documented (and freely available) ideas and proposals met severe
institutional resistance. In spite of that, this past year, I hesitantly pursued a seat again, for a third time, at the encouragement of friends and many NRA members who believed that I could add value to the Organization. Once I received the results of the mail ballot, I opted to not pursue the 76th Seat at the NRA Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, as I had done the two years prior. While I gave my best efforts over the past three years’ election cycles, I respect and have accepted the choice of the voting members.
After the learning that I was not elected to the Board during this year’s election and coming to understand that my role would have been reduced to simply ‘filling a chair’ even were I to have been elected, I began to focus my time and energy on other exciting opportunities to accomplish my genuine personal desire and goal to advance the Second Amendment, individual liberty generally, and continuing to help educate and inform gun owners about important issues and challenges.
Between the time I began to collect petition signatures in 2018 and the election results being returned this year, news about the NRA began to emerge from a variety of sources. Since these claims and allegations have been the focus of much discussion within the firearms and Second Amendment community for the past several months, I need not recount them here. Based on my review and understanding of the by-laws, the recent resignations of the three directors would potentially allow me to serve until the adjournment of the next Annual Meeting in Nashville, Tennessee. Just prior to the release of this statement, I was contacted by the NRA and informed that there was a vacancy on the Board which I would be able to fill. Prior to receiving the phone call, I devoted time to consider the possibility of accepting the position, based on the news that three directors had resigned and my understanding of the by-laws. After careful thought and consideration, and because of the magnitude of time, work, and attention these exciting and important new endeavors that I am currently involved in require, it would not be possible for me to provide the NRA Board of Directors, the Organization, and the Members with the significant time, work, and attention a board of directors role – especially in the current climate – would require. Further, I am not willing to put the NRA into a position where my new position and role in our community could even potentially create a conflict, or even a bad optical light that could be leveraged against it by the media and its enemies. Thus, I cannot in good conscience accept a position as an NRA director.

It has been my honor to have your support these past few years. It is humbling to know that so many share my passion for liberty and supported my proposals to improve our NRA. And I sincerely hope that the Board and the Executive staff of the NRA will do what is right and necessary to create a healthy, strong, and positive force for our rights.

I am excited to support the NRA’s good work, and that of many others, from my new position through coalition building, hard work, thoughtful strategy, and undertaking those efforts that will, I hope, result in a more free America and restored Republic. I am eager to continue promoting the advancement of liberty and hope that you’ll continue to join me in doing do.

Yours in Liberty,
Adam Kraut
NRA Open Letter , Adam Kraut 8/2/2019

I believe that Adam is making the right choice right now. The NRA is in crisis. It has become apparent to just about everyone that the organization is not capable of fixing itself from within. The Leadership has made it clear that they are not interested in change for the better. After decades of manipulation, insulation, cronyism and lack of oversight from the Board and Members, the Wayne LaPierre Regime has a stranglehold on the largest and most important Pro Gun Rights Entity on The Earth. And, the “old guard” is circling the wagons even tighter while driving the organizing into the ground.

Wayne LaPierre’s Stranglehold during Crisis

Wayne LaPierre has kept a low profile since the NRA Annual Meeting, but he did surface a few weeks ago to announce that he has created a new division and several new positions at the NRA. These positions all deal with Public Relations, Media & Messaging and, not shockingly, they all answer directly to him.

The President, Carolyn Meadows, is calling Directors who dare to question the status quo unprofessional and recently set the stage for kicking those Directors who openly calling for independent Audit of the NRA off of the Board. Her statements have mostly been a hollow attempt to convince NRA Members that everything is fine and under control at HQ. Her words have been supported and parroted by the NRA Vice Presidents Charles Cotton and Willes Lee.

Marion Hammer to resigning Directors:Past President Marion Hammer, a contentious and controversial mouthpiece for the regime, has made several public statements affirming the fact that there is no shame in the Leadership nor a concern over the obvious disregard for the concerns of The Members of the NRA, much less the efforts of Directors to do the right thing. We shouldn’t forget that it was Hammer who ironically posted the infamous “Enemy Within” Article that became a rallying point for Adam’s 2018 Campaign for the 76th Seat.

A small group of other Directors have supplicated themselves as apologists for the Status Quo and demonstrated their support for Wayne publicly in articles or interviews, including Anthony ColandroJoel FriedmanScott Bach and Carrie Lightfoot.

A few Directors (including Tom King & Todd Rathner) have defended Wayne against Concerned NRA Members in the comment sections and, for the most part, quickly retreated. Only Willes Lee seems to have a Marion-Hammeresque willingness to continually get pummeled on social media by obtusely crying “#fakenews!” at every opportunity.

Meanwhile, the New York State Attorney General’s Office is in the midst of a well publicized investigation into the NRA’s Operations, Washington, DC has initiated its own actions against the NRA & The NRA FoundationCongress is making inquiries and the Gun Control Movement is salivating as they watch all the drama play out.

Would you want to wade into the middle of this disaster? Would you expect to be able to do any good from the inside? By my count, there are only five Directors left on the Board who have openly spoken critically about the Status Quo and The Leadership: Oliver NorthAllen West, Robert BrownDuane Liptak and Buz Mills. The Truth About Guns (and others) have speculated that Ted Nugent signaled an interest in change when he shared one of our STS Videos, but no clear public statement has been made to that effect. North has been formally asked to resign (he refused through his lawyers) and we know that Liptak & Brown have lost important Committee Positions in the well documented purges. Most people paying attention believe that the Executive Committee of the NRA Board is maneuvering to have these and other other troublemakers removed from The Board as the first order of business at their September Meeting.

We Can Still Fix The NRA

At the same time, many more leaders & influencers in the Firearms Community, High Value Donors (lead & represented in many cases by David Dell’Aquila) and American Gun Owners are stepping up to demand change at the NRA. The tide has been clearly turning in regard to the attitude most people have towards the NRA. For many years, I’ve pointed out that the NRA’s own claimed membership numbers represent significantly less than 10% of American Gun Owners. Jeff Knox witnessed the treacherous establishment of Wayne LaPierre’s Regime in the 1990’s and has been sounding the alarm about the dysfunction at the NRA for decades. He continues to ask the important questions while pointing out important facts. There are rumors that the NRA Board Members can’t get straight answers from their assigned counsel, that they’ve lost their liability insurance, that a former NRA Exec has agreed to cooperate with the NY State investigation in exchange for immunity and that the NRA has defaulted on a loan it took from it’s own Foundation.

I don’t blame Adam Kraut for not taking the seat. The NRA is not going to get fixed from the inside. That has become clear. The question now is Who will change it from the outside?
Will it be Government Agencies through regulatory action or criminal indictments, possibly spurred on by proponents of gun control or anti-gun influencers?

Or, will it be proud American Gun Owners who rally to save the NRA from itself?

I hope it will be the latter… and, I’m proud to part of the one organization that has been formed specifically to be part of the solution and help the NRA Reform.

Join us as Savethe2a.org.

-Rob Pincus, Board Member of Save The Second

On Sheep In Sheepdog Clothing

On Sheep In Sheepdog Clothing

Marion Hammer would not have the audacity to judge others, given that her attendance at Board meetings has been abysmal over the past 8 years, without the security of her “Hammertime for the 2A Haters” persona…and her hefty multi-year six figure compensation package that was just renewed.

By Ron Carter
August 2, 2019

We have been using sheep, lambs and shepherds as allegory since a wandering, tacti-cool instructor began circuit teaching in the Middle East long ago. Later, we learned – and many of us took to heart – LTC (RET) Dave Grossman’s On Sheep, Wolves, and Sheepdogs, in which he describes the roles in modern society.

Most of us have probably heard the expression “a wolf in sheep’s clothing” to describe one with bad intentions presenting a veneer of good to hide their true intentions. The current senior leadership and Board of Directors at OUR National Rifle Association has many of these: individuals who have created an image of “Second Amendment Warrior” while massing fortune, fame, and ego. This is not conjecture; it is not a Bloomberg-biased media distortion. It is fact. These individuals, mostly from the long tenured Old Guard/Original Gangster faction on the Board, exist in an arrogance-filled vacuum, believing that enough of the sheep have bought into their charade to keep them safe. 

Marion Hammer would not have the audacity to judge others, given that her attendance at Board meetings has been abysmal over the past 8 years, without the security of her “Hammertime for the 2A Haters” persona…and her hefty multi-year six figure compensation package that was just renewed.

But there is also another growing demographic in both the Board and among NRA Members: the “sheep in sheepdog clothing”. We have all encountered them: at the first sign of real or (more often) imagined threat, they bark. They scratch at the ground. They even might show their raised hackles and bare a fang, but when there is the need for real action, when a sheepdog is needed, they sit. Sometimes they lay down. Often, they roll over and expose their belly as a sign of submission. And the wolf rubs their belly and whispers to them, “Who’s a good boy? YOU’RE a good boy!” The wolf even tosses them a treat now and then: a committee seat here, a keynote speech there, endorsement for outside opportunities, or a third-party crafted soundbite to appease their flock of sheep.

The sad part is, a lot of the sheep-in-sheepdog-clothing among the Members aren’t even aware they are doing it. They attack questions about the goings on at NRA as if rabid: “you’re a Bloomberg shill”; “you want the NRA to fail”; “Wayne hasn’t let us down in thirty years, and he’s not doing it now.” Same with the ones on the Board, who say “I’m just here for competitive shooting” or “I am not personally aware of any wrongdoing.” Both, though, are guilty of crimes of omission: history will show that given evidence which they could have confirmed, their greatest action was merely baring a fang and barking.

EVERYONE wants to be a sheepdog…until it’s time to do sheepdog WORK.

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“Grassroots Movements”… And A Warning To NRA Directors

“Grassroots Movements”… And A Warning To NRA Directors

David Dell’Aquila, who has been motivating other high net worth donors to the NRA to stop providing funds to the organization has sent a very direct letter to the NRA Board of Directors:

By Ron Carter
July 31, 2019

David Dell’Aquila, who has been motivating other high net worth donors to the NRA to stop providing funds to the organization has sent a very direct letter to the NRA Board of Directors:

“ Dear Members of the Board of Directors:

The process continues to provide you with information that is necessary for the directors of the NRA to assume meaningful “oversight” of Mr. LaPierre and his leadership team.

Please see the attachment “Board Development and Accountability” which is an interesting read.

Please take particular notice to the following sections:

The entire section “II. The Role of the Board” and “Whistleblower Policy.” I informed you last week in my letter on July 26th, that the Grassroots movement no longer recognizes Mr. LaPierre and his leadership team, because of their interference and intentional obstruction of certain Board members’ lawfully pursuing “oversight.” Since then, we learned that the efforts of these Board members continues to be thwarted.

A letter from President Meadows resulted in these members “lawyering up.” I can only speculate that President Meadows’ letter threatens the use of By-Laws against them in retaliation. And, perhaps also stated that Mr. LaPierre and his leadership team will no longer address Board members’ concerns until the Alaska Board meeting.

The courts, and more importantly, the public will not look favorably upon this abuse of power and essentially quashing any and all oversight from the members of the board until the next meeting. In the meantime, history will record another blemish on Mr. LaPierre’s legacy and the next steps for securing his replacement and that of his leadership team.

Similarly, history will record “Operation Grassroots,” “Inside Out,” and “Clean-Up” that will soon be published in a leading newspaper read by millions.”

He also sent them a link to help them understand their accountability in regard to their role as Board Members:


Meanwhile, we are seeing the same things that Mr. Dell’Aquila is… and hearing rumors that the Old Guard of the NRA Board may actually try to remove Directors who are asking questions and working for change, such as Tim Knight, Allen West, Oliver North, Duane Liptak, Esther Schneider, Robert Brown and Sean Maloney.

Learn More about Dell’aquila’s work here: https://helpsavethenra.com/



These issues involving threats and intimidation are running rampant there, according to sources on the inside. It has paralyzed many and kept them from acting publicly. It’s time the NRA members know this, and can act accordingly themselves.

By STS Staff
July 17, 2019

We have been talking with a number of NRA directors to help create a path forward for reform. Some of these directors have come out publicly with statements of support for Save The Second, some have shared our links and our petition in social media. Some are signing on to sponsor proposals for NRA bylaw changes to be discussed and possibly voted on at the next Board Meeting in September.

There are a handful of Directors who are helping to make things better who have not spoken out publicly. There are a variety of specific reasons for their request for secrecy at this point. We as an organization have honored their requests to not be publicly acknowledged. We understand that some Directors are under immense pressure.

Some of this pressure is only social – straining friendships or forcing uncomfortable conversations. In other cases, some directors have expressed specific concerns over threats and intimidation. These threats are to more than just their political standing in a group of elites. Some of them feel that their livelihoods, jobs, businesses, or that of their friends might be jeopardized if they come out publicly. We have heard this from a majority of the directors we’ve spoken to. Obviously, the Old Guard at the NRA has been blatant about their willingness and ability to affect someone’s life, career, and family. 

To try to put this into perspective, imagine that you worked for a company that took great pride in your service as a respected NRA Board Member. Perhaps you served on a couple of important committees, giving you even more social capital and influence that your employer valued. You try to do the right thing in response to the allegations against the leadership of the NRA, perhaps just suggesting that things do need to be audited or discussed publicly… and a few weeks later, you find yourself off those committees and Persona Non Grata with the NRA Inner Circle. Sadly, that Inner Circle still holds the purse strings on millions of dollars in contracts and financial opportunities inside of our community and you are no longer a valued employee. 

These issues involving threats and intimidation are running rampant there, according to sources on the inside. It has paralyzed many and kept them from acting publicly. It’s time the NRA members know this, and can act accordingly themselves.

We are sharing this for two reasons:

Firstly, current, former, and potential NRA members need to know that Save The Second isn’t giving a “free pass” to any Director. We are pushing back against the elites and Old Guard who would have you believe that any criticism of the NRA is done at the behest of “Bloomberg” or that anyone working to reform the NRA is on the payroll of “Soros.” We are pushing those directors who are trying to remain silent on these issues to choose a side, but we won’t betray their confidence. We are supporting the most vocal opponents of the status quo. We are also talking to a number of board members who have personally convinced us that they are working towards real improvement. In most cases they have agreed to vote in favor of bylaw changes that are aligned with the Five Points of Reform.

Secondly, NRA directors that are working for the kind of change that we need at the organization who have not spoken to us need to know that we are willing to hear them out and respect their request for secrecy at this time. We understand the pressure you are under and appreciate that it best helps our cause to keep your intentions to support real reform under the radar until the right time. Please reach out to us.

Contact us personally – through social media (just message our Facebook page), email us at contact@savethe2a.org, or arrange contact through any of the directors already speaking with us. We have become aware of some surprising allies over the past few weeks and have adjusted some of our communications because of it. People that we did not believe are on our side actually are. There is more dissent in that building than we realized. There is a lot that we don’t yet know, and we’d love your input. We understand that not everyone is fighting this fight the same way, but we need to know that we are on the same side. 

Any board member, employee, or volunteer for the organization that wants to reach out to us can request this secrecy, and it will be honored without question.


Save The Second Board of Directors



The NRA cannot be accountable by being unaccountable. 

By Ron Carter
July 8, 2019

On Saturday evening (July 6th, 2019) the Save the Second Facebook Page had a new commenter, NRA Board of Director Tom King, who proceeded to start and engage in an exceptionally heated conversation. His initial comment was on our July 1st post asking why so many in the firearms industry are afraid of Wayne LaPierre and his cronies. It is an observation that we have clearly seen. The majority of large Second Amendment publications and journals steer so clear of NRA drama that they did not even report on the Oliver North resignation during the Annual Meeting nor Chris Cox having been removed/replaced

Of the publications we listed in the original post, only Breach-Bang-Clear had made a relevant mention to the drama that is paralyzing the NRA, but even then, Breach-Bang-Clear shared that on January 11th and it was only Duane Liptak’s Op-Ed via David Reeder which Liptak had also shared on Ammonland and elsewhere. Hardly anything has been shared in regards to the current drama by these Second Amendment publications. The TraceWallstreet JournalNPR and more haven’t been so slow or abstinent. Just the opposite, they have been detailed, direct and inquisitive. I very much wish our NRA was as transparent. On May 22nd, President Carolyn Meadows penned An Important Message From Your NRA Leadership & Past Presidents 2019. The letter in hindsight was an attempted coverup as the very next day Ackerman McQueen filed the first lawsuit in a series of multimillion dollar lawsuits. Ironically, two past presidents refused to sign Meadows letter: Oliver North and Pete Brownell.

This reminds me of the 2006 scandal of Pastor Ted Haggard. When allegation that the New Life Church’s pastor had been involved in drugs and homosexual prostitution, few believed it. Many publications wouldn’t even publish such a thing. It wasn’t until Haggard’s half-hearted confession was published that his followers and supports were faced with the reality that they had willfully ignored prior facts based on their discounting news sources as merely attacks. The allegations were so unpleasant that many people simply refused to believe the facts, regardless of what source the reports came from, until it came from Haggard’s mouth directly. During that time even I discounted the reports until they came from Haggard’s lips.

Enter NRA BoD Tom King, who has had some controversy of his own. He initiated the conversation Saturday evening posting, “The Trace is owned by Bloomberg.” A dialog of 67 comments followed from his comment on Save the Second’s post. King’s response to Wayne LaPierre’s travel itemization in which he charged $39,947.50 merely in airfare to go to the Bahamas was, “Didn’t I read that in Bloomberg’s rag The Trace?” Tom King later threatened myself with a requirement to give a deposition in New York from his lawyer, that would come on Monday. How and why that will come is a mystery to me, but this conversation begs a much larger question: What on Earth is going on!? 

Regardless of the criminal investigation launched by the New York Attorney General and comparisons to the removal of CEOs, what companies have ever dug in their heels against their customers? When United Airlines suffered their PR nightmare, did they say that their customer was wrong? No. They settled out of court and reformed the way they dealt with these sort of situations. They listened to their customers. When Tesla received a request via twitter to move the seat back and raise the steering wheel did Elon Musk threaten legal action against the customer? No! Elon Musk himself responded in a surprising way. When Best Buy survived the similar death of Circuit City and the competition from Amazon do you think a Best Buy Board of Director would have condoned their CEO paying more for a ticket than the cost of an entire aircraft for the purpose of taking a vacation?! All the while charging it all to the ad agency’s credit card? You would be off your rocker if you said yes. The NRA is fighting its own members at this point instead of playing damage control like any other corporation world.

The bottom line is that the NRA cannot be accountable by being unaccountable. Those that would insult us as either being “Bloomberg” or playing into the hands of Bloomberg, such as Tom King did, are sitting on the sideline with their heads in the sand while our NRA is being destroyed. It isn’t being destroyed from Bloomberg. It isn’t being destroyed by Everytown of Gun Safety. It is being destroy by the executive leadership’s negligence and directors who condone its potentially criminal malfeasance. Each day the NRA dies a little more due to the BoD inaction. What on Earth is going on in the NRA?!



“To state the facts frankly is not to despair the future nor indict the past. The prudent heir takes careful inventory of his legacies and gives a faithful accounting to those whom he owes an obligation of trust.”

By Ron Carter
July 6, 2019

June 30th, 2019 NRA Director Timothy Knight announced that he had been removed from all standing NRA committees as a result of his “publicly express[ing] concern over the current NRA leadership and spurious spending.” On July 5th, Director Allen West announced he too was removed from all committees. West’s article is titled, “NRA: National Retaliation Association.” Shortly after West released his article, Esther Quisenberry Schneider announced that she has also been removed from all committees. There is a purge occurring inside the NRA Board of Directors, albeit quietly, and it is being done by those who hold the power against those who have little power.

Allen West, Timothy Knight and Esther Q. Schneider all expressed concern for the direction the leadership was taking the association. West and Knight both expressed concern and did so publicly in May while Schneider expressed her concern privately (until now). They all claim that that is why they were targeted and purged from all standing committees. The ship’s Captain threw them in the brig and demoted them for their concern. My questions is what type of leadership would ever do such a thing? 

To state the facts frankly is not to despair the future nor indict the past. The prudent heir takes careful inventory of his legacies and gives a faithful accounting to those whom he owes an obligation of trust.” 

-John F Kennedy

These three directors are not alone in this purge, I am sure. This isn’t a few people being punished, this is a De Facto Purge. This is the silencing of people who understand their duty to their constituents as in evidence by this recent polland repeated articles calling for Wayne LaPierre’s resignation. It isn’t the first time that those who have expressed concern had the air-conditioning turned off on them. If you know any other directors that have been removed from their committees, please encourage them to speak up.

There are thirty-six standing committees in Article XI of the NRA Bylaws. That is enough committees to assign two directors to each committee. The board’s officers are responsible for assigning committees. Obviously, the board’s officers care little for the efficient use of directors and instead use these committee assignments as a political tool. It is easy to see that the NRA Board Officers are at the heart of the problems and failures plaguing our NRA. Ironically, there had been a special committee created by then NRA President Oliver North, “the Crisis Committee,” but apparently it was dismissed faster than Chris Cox was. Let’s take a look at the Board Officers.

Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” 

-Abraham Lincoln.

President Carolyn Meadows – Meadows was placed as the NRA President after Oliver North’s vacancy in NRAAM ‘19. If you are like me you’ll be surprised that Oliver North was only removed from his officer position (President). He is still on the Board of Directors. He has not been removed like Chris Cox was, though North is much more the lightning rod and the sole plaintiff in NRA v. North. Do you know why Oliver North hasn’t been removed from the Board of Directors even while this lawsuit is nearly a month old? You’ll be shocked. Pete Brownell resigned from the Board of Directors. As last year’s Director election went, David Butz was the runner up and has accepted Brownell’s vacancy. If any other director dies, resigns, or it removed the next runner-up to fill that Board vacancy is Mr. “Enemy Within” himself, Adam Kraut. They are willing to keep someone involved in a current, massive lawsuit, and the supposed leader of an attempted “coup”, on the BoD just so Adam Kraut will not be a factor in the NRA leadership.

With the wheels falling off the wagon Carolyn Meadows penned the letter with her past Presidents (minus North and Brownell) to “set the record straight” that everything is fine. I can unfortunately assure Mrs Meadows that with a plethora of mulit-million dollar lawsuits and the New York Attorney General investigatingpotentially criminal dealings within our NRA that her May 22nd letter was about a big a lie as there has ever been. She recently shrugged off a donor’s announcement of withholding $134 million by saying

We are disappointed whenever donors choose to suspend their support of the N.R.A., but we hope to win them back.” She added: “People may resist change, but they embrace progress. We’re experiencing that right now at the N.R.A. There’s an energy within the N.R.A. that is hard to describe — and we continue to earn the support of millions of loyal members.” 

-NRA President Carolyn Meadows

I fail to see the progress that Mrs Meadows is talking about. Granted, there was a legislative win in Deerfield Illinois in June that was heartwarming for all second amendment lovers, but it didn’t even have the NRA’s name on the lawsuit. Daniel Easterday, the Illinois State Rifle Association and Second Amendment Foundation were all to thank specifically for that cases’ success. Regardless of the level of the NRA’s involvement, this comes as too little, too late for many disenfranchised NRA members (see comments below article).

Carolyn Meadows’ first public statements following her induction as President of the NRA was a commentary on a U.S. House of Representatives election in Georgia, in which a “minority female” won. It would be nice if President Meadows focused on Second Amendment rights instead of the physical features of a representative elected to congress. Here’s a challenge for you, find a picture of Carolyn Meadows holding, looking at, or touching a firearm. I haven’t been able to find one in all my searching. That’s right: this President of the NRA has not a single picture of her with a firearm. The first of her kind, I suspect she doesn’t care much about a looming silencer ban.

1st Vice President Charles Cotton – Cotton specifically said that the NRA had to “clean its own house” with regards to Wayne LaPierre’s tumultuous time during the Members Meeting and closed “executive session” where LaPierre nearly lost power. I suppose that removing anyone who opposed the establishment, or merely had concerns, is how we’re seeing him “clean house.” The Nominating Committee’s selection of candidates will be the other means of that. It appears that many directors are seeking reelection via petition such as Sean Maloney. Cotton is one of a few directors who requested we redact his email and any other contact information in our effort to create a current NRA BoD contact spreadsheet. Cotton ironically converses with those who see eye-to-eye with him only as is evident in his forum which he runs where he is able to censor anyone that isn’t his strict supporter.

2nd Vice President Willes Lee – Lee is the attack dog. Which makes a stark contrast from the decades old standard operating policy of “not engaging.” Lee takes it much further by engaging and later censoring persons with whom he disagrees. He enjoys attacking, regardless of the validity of concern. He hurls insults such as being “trolls, bloomberg, snark, etc” he even has a catchphrase for blocking NRA members, “Poof.”  Lee achieved an officer appointment to the board faster than any other director has. In 2018-2019 Lee and Allen West served as co-Chairmen of the Outreach Committee. I believe this raises more questions on why Allen West was removed, and Lee’s authority in assigning committees. 

Willes Lee is a board member of the American Conservative Union Foundation which should put him at odds with Article X Section 6 of the NRA Bylaws. That leaves me curious as to how that discrepancy was addressed (or if it has been addressed). Furthermore, that same NRA Bylaw (Article X Section 6) should make Brewer and Associates ineligible to represent the NRA as their agent due to their contributions to anti-gun politicians. I am very curious how that hypocritical conundrum is allowed to continue.

We need our NRA to be reformed now more than ever. We need it to have strong integrity, be strong, efficient, accountable and to do that we need more directors to display bold integrity, now! This De Facto Purge should be the line in the sand for everyone concerned for the integrity of our NRA, specifically these directors who had previously attempted to ride the fence between the leadership and those voicing concerns. One cannot be accountable by being unaccountable. The time has come for these directors to do what is right instead of what what is easy.