Sign the Petitions

Sign The Petitions

Second Petition: Term Limits

Our first petition initiative was the amendment on director attendance, and we collected more than twice the number of signatures required for a Board vote! Unfortunately the petition was subsequently ignored, and referred to committee to discuss it’s “merits.”

This next petition will focus on Term Limits. We believe term limits are necessary to bring new ideas and perspective into the board in order to change and evolve with modern gun culture and it’s opponents. A board member who remains on the board for too long can grow complacent and disconnected with their work (which can explain the abysmal attendance rates), and a good level of churn in the directors is necessary to remove that complacency. The term limits amendment will do just that.

The additional bylaw reads as follows:

No Director shall be eligible to serve on the Board of Directors more than twelve (12) years cumulatively, regardless of consecutive or non-consecutive service.

The collection window has ended – the petition was successful and gathered well more than the required amount.

Q: Won’t they just ignore it like the attendance one?
A: Possibly. But this petition will have far more signatures, and will be their last chance to make right by us members and start taking us seriously.

Q: If they ignore it, what’s the next step?
A: Easy. We will then launch the petition drive to put both attendance and term limits in front of the voting members on the ballot. They will pass, and the NRA will be changed fundamentally. See the timeline below.

Q: Why not go straight to the drive for the ballot initiative?
A: Because the soonest it could get on the ballot is 2021, but this petition can be heard on Jan 11, 2020. There’s still plenty of time after that to get on the ballot for 2021. It also allows us, the members, to keep pressure on the board and let them know we’re not backing down on the issue of reform.

Q: When are petitions due back?
A: December 2nd, in order for us to have enough time to comply with the NRA bylaws. That’s about five weeks from start to finish.

Petition Timeline and Strategy

Petition 1: Mandatory Director Attendance
Dates: July 10 – Aug 11 2019, for Sep 2019 BoD Meeting
Type: Bylaw amendment via director vote
Status: Signature gathering successful, board ignored the amendment

Petition 2: Director Term Limits
Dates: Oct 25 – Dec 2 2019, for Jan 2020 BoD Meeting
Type: Bylaw amendment via director vote
Status: Signature gathering in progress

If both amendments are ignored after Jan 2020 BoD Meeting:

Petitions 3 & 4: Attendance and Term Limits
Dates: ~Feb 1 – Aug 1 2020, for 2021 Members Ballot
Type: Bylaw amendment via members ballot vote

Dates: Apr 16 – Apr 19
Note: Member’s meeting. Save The Second and our supporters will be there in force.

Petition 5: Officer Recall
Note: This is an option, but not a guarantee of execution – included here for completeness
Dates: Starts the day after members meeting, runs for approx. 95 days
Type: Recall of Wayne LaPierre via members ballot vote