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JAN-28-2020 – The 2020 NRA Board of Directors Voting Guide and Recommendations are here!

Read all about them, and find a link to the in depth (over two hours!) discussion regarding all candidates here.

Who are we, and what are we doing?


Save The Second is a 501(c)4 non-profit dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and expansion of the Second Amendment. We were founded by two NRA members – Anthony Garcia (President) and Ron Carter (Vice-President) who were tired of watching the NRA fall apart, and decided to do something to save it.

Our vision is to save the Second Amendment by strengthening the National Rifle Association. We hope to grow the NRA’s membership, improve its public image, and secure the NRA’s long-term ability to carry out its stated purpose of protecting our “individual rights of self-preservation and defense of family, person, and property,” as provided in Article II, Section 1 of the NRA Bylaws.

Find out more about how we plan to do that by reviewing our 5 Goals and taking a look through the rest of our site.

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Save the Second
Save the Second15 hours ago
Looks like the Brewer defense isn’t having much progress.

Save the Second
Save the Second3 days ago
With the results of the election in, the question of voting tabulation comes to mind. How is it that a man, Frank Tait, received many bullet votes yet came in last? So peculiar to me. We'll be discussing that on the podcast soon.
Save the Second
Save the Second5 days ago
Ordered by amount of votes received. Stand by for critical analysis in the coming days from the STS staff.

1. Jay Printz
2. J. William Carter
3. Charles L. Cotton
4. Linda Walker
5. Judi White
6. Leroy Sisco
7. Howard J. Walter
8. Graham Hill
9. Mark E. Vaughan
10. Thomas P. Arvas
11. Ted W. Carter
12. Barbara Rumpel
13. Phillip B. Journey
14. Steven C. Schreiner
15. Todd J. Rathner
16. Richard Figueroa
17. J. Kenneth Blackwell
18. Carl Rowan, Jr.
19. Curtis S. Jenkins
20. Herbert A. Lanford, Jr.
21. Allan D. Cors
22. Clel Baudler
23. Robert E. Mansell
24. Patricia A. Clark
25. Mark Keith Robinson

26. Paul D. Babaz
27. Todd R. Ellis
28. Dave Butz
29. Ronald L. Schmeits

30. Niger Innis
31. Anthony P. Colandro

32. R. B. Rocky Marshall, Jr.
33. Robert J. Wos
34. John L. Cushman
35. James L. Wallace
36. Craig Swartz
37. Kevin P. Hogan
38. Frank C. Tait
Save the Second
Save the Second2 weeks ago
So many new gun owners are joining the fold and will be looking for a strong national organization to defend their natural rights.

We must show up to the member's meeting in September to help make sure the National Rifle Association is up to the task.
Save the Second
Save the Second2 weeks ago
If you want to have a chance of saving this organization then you need to be at the members meeting in September.
Save the Second
Save the Second3 weeks ago
Looks like we will finally know the results of the 2020 NRA BoD election just after Independence Day as they resumed counting ballots (or were supposed to) today.

“Dear NRA Board members, Executive Council members, and Board candidates:

As you know, tabulation of the NRA’s mail ballot election results has been significantly delayed due to business closures as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. During that time, we’ve been in touch with our vendors regularly about the status of our count, and about the measures they’ve put in place to protect the integrity of our process.

Today, I’m pleased to announce that ballot processing will resume on Monday, June 22. Barring any further unforeseen circumstances, we expect to be able to share the results with candidates and the board on approximately July 10.

As always, the formal announcement pursuant to the Bylaws will take place at the Annual Meeting of Members in Springfield, Missouri on September 5. Newly elected members will begin their terms upon the adjournment of the Members’ Meeting, and will be sworn in at the Board meeting that same afternoon.

We appreciate your patience, and look forward to sharing the results in a few weeks.


John Frazer
Secretary and General Counsel
National Rifle Association of America....”

#SaveTheSecond #NRA #StopTheWayneDrain


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By admin / August 31, 2019

Marion Hammer’s August 29th Letter Discussion

This is an excerpt from the Save the Second Podcast, episode two. In this except we hear from Anthony Garcia and Ron Carter. To hear the entire podcast visit us on iTunes, YouTube, and your other favorite podcast provider.

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By admin / August 29, 2019

Dissident Donor Slams NRA & Marion Hammer With Bylaw Citations Related To Possible Corruption Issues

Meanwhile, Dell’Aquilla continues to gain support from high net-worth individuals who have pledged to withhold donations until there is regime change at the NRA. He currently has arranged over 150 Million in withhold funds. He has also initiated a class action lawsuit against the NRA on behalf of Members and Donors who feel their money has been misused. Learn more about his activities at his website.

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By admin / August 25, 2019

Save The Second Podcast

Last Sunday (August 25th, 2019) Save the Second created a podcast. You can listen or watch below. We hope to have an episode next week as well. Thanks for watching!

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By admin / August 23, 2019

Save The Second On NPR

Rob Pincus spoke with NPR’s Here & Now on August 23rd to speak about why it is important to American Gun Owners that the National Rifle Association begin earnest reforms and get out from under the current cloud of scandal surrounding Wayne LaPierre and the Board of Directors.

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By admin / August 19, 2019

A Sixth NRA Director Resigns

August 19th, 2019, Childress submitted his resignation letter to the NRA Board of Directors. That brings the total of directors who have resigned post NRAAM ’19 to six. Richard Childress, Julie Golob, Sean Maloney, Esther Schneider, Timothy Knight and Pete Brownell.

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By admin / August 18, 2019

Madam President, Fox News


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By Ron Carter / August 16, 2019

On Wayne LaPierre And His Removal

Suppose that LaPierre resigned today. What would happen? You see, all of the persons who condone and abet Wayne LaPierre would still remain and they are responsible for installing the next CEO/VP. The “swamp” would still remain. Suppose that I benefited financially from LaPierre’s leadership and wanted to maintain my (undisclosed to Florida regulators) $270,000 annual paycheck thanks to him, I would desperately need to install a Wayne LaPierre 2.0!

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By STS Staff / August 15, 2019

Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain

If in fact the finances of the NRA are questionable, wouldn’t the NRA President, Ms. Meadows, have an obligation to tell the board the true financial status of NRA? I think the most reasonable conclusion one could assume is that Ms Meadows does in fact have that obligation. If that is the case, then there is also the question: Is there a legal penalty for lying to the Board of Directors who have been elected by the NRA members to run the organization?

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By STS Staff / August 14, 2019

Gun Community Media Continues To Press On The NRA Crisis

Mark Walters, Tom Gresham, John Richardson, John Patton, Michael Bane and many other well known Second Amendment Advocates have clearly criticized the leadership of the NRA.

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By admin / August 14, 2019

Reckless NRA Financial Practices And Sketchy Internal Loans

Was it a coup attempt by Ack-Mc to install a replacement that would continue their sweetheart deal for another couple of decades? It might turn out to be as simple as the PR Firm that had the most inside of inside tracks into what has really been going on in Fairfax realizing that the association simply wasn’t going to be able to pay them for much longer.

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