Save the Second: Leadership Team

This is a grassroots organization with lots of contributors from all walks of life and all corners of the country. At the helm is a wonderful group of NRA members who are spearheading this effort. Please meet our leadership team!



Anthony bought his first gun days after turning 18, and his first NRA membership shortly after that. A California native, he luckily escaped in 2010 to Colorado.

After finding some legs in local gun rights activism he was appalled to find the legislative overreach in 2013 with the passing of numerous unconstitutional gun control bills in CO.

He joined with others and formed the Basic Freedom Defense Fund, serving as the Treasurer and a founding board member, of the 501c(4) that would remove former state senator John Morse in a recall in Colorado in 2013. The recall was a national first in that it was ran on a platform of gun rights. He worked directly alongside current NRA board member Timothy Knight in this endeavor.

After these experiences he had a wide range of experience in leadership in a number of industries, as well as a deep passion for removing leadership that had overstepped their bounds.

Following that he continued a path in the oilfield, until he went into the trucking industry. Today he is a husband, father, NRA lifetime endowment member, staunch advocate of gun rights, and extremely dedicated to service in the capacity of President of STS in it’s mission to unite NRA membership.


Vice President

Ron is an Arkansas expatriate, leaving the natural state for Colorado where he has spent the last thirteen years with his wife and two children. Ron’s occupations have included work for a major airline, a local FFL, and a custom holster manufacturer. He is also a certified NRA Pistol, Personal Protection Inside the Home, and Range Safety Officer. Ron can commonly be found at 32,000 feet, shooting IDPA matches, and connecting first time shooters to local matches in the Colorado Springs region.


Director of Media Relations

Rob brings over twenty years of experience in the Gun Industry and a lifetime as a shooter. He is both an advocate and an educator. His work with United States Concealed Carry Association, National Rifle Association, National Shooting Sports Foundation, Second Amendment Foundation, Personal Defense Network, I.C.E. Training Company and countless other Pro-Gun-Rights Organizations has influenced millions of American Gun Owners. He has frequently spoken on behalf of responsible gun owners in national and international media.

His views are sometimes controversial and often confrontational as he has combated ignorance and negligence around firearms and firearms rights.

Rob has written several books, countless articles, appeared on scores of television and radio shows and produced over 100 Training DVDs.