Grassroots Activism

Grassroots Activism

Grassroots Activism

It’s time for real action to push the NRA towards a much more efficient and powerful organization.

They ignored our last petition to have a bylaw added that would compel directors to actually attend and do their jobs. Thankfully that wasn’t our only recourse. We can actually take bylaw amendments – and officer recalls – to a vote of the membership. How do you think questions like “Should Wayne LaPierre be recalled?” and “Should directors be required to attend meetings?” would be answered by the voting membership at large? Probably a big yes to both.

The path to getting a proposition before the whole of the voting membership isn’t that difficult, it just requires more signatures. In order to do this we’re going to need people going to gun shows, gun stores, ranges, local competitions, anywhere they can and getting petitions put before voting members to get their signatures. Not to mention money – but that’s a later concern.

Right now what we need is YOU.

What we’re doing is setting up a team, or perhaps army, of grassroots activists all across the country in order to accomplish this task. It’ll be a network of individuals, business owners, and pro-gun organizations willing to help out. It’ll have a proper chain of command, set up to be as effective as possible.

We’ve already sketched out some of the leadership, but we do need more state and local leaders. And we need tons, and tons, of people on the ground. People to make phone calls. People to help with whatever we need there on the ground.

And this won’t just end with fixing the NRA, so your hard work and dedication will pay off in the long run in the fight against citizen disarmament extremists as well. But that’s in the future, for right now the NRA is of course our focus.

To get involved just fill out the new and improved volunteer form and someone will be in contact. Due to the volume of submissions that we expect it will likely take several days at times.