Goal #4: Get the NRA membership more involved.

Recent reports of the NRA Elections Committee have consistently revealed abysmal voter turnout among the membership. In 2019, the Committee mailed 2,452,813 ballots to voting-eligible members, and only 145,920 ballots were returned. That’s a voter turnout rate of less than 6%. In order for the NRA to properly represent its five million members, those members must be active, informed, and vocal. A strong NRA depends not only on the leadership but also on the rank-and-file members. That’s why Save the Second has identified member engagement as one of its top priorities.

Voter Turnout

One way to increase member involvement and raise the voter turnout is to make sure members are well-informed. Through our blog and our resource pages, we hope to serve as a central location where members can catch up on the latest news about the NRA and decide for themselves how they think the organization is doing.

Board Survey

Save the Second has launched a Board Survey for all directors to fill out. We hope the directors will take the time to complete the survey, so we can share their thoughts with the membership. Our goal is to give the members a more complete picture of each board member’s qualifications, motivations, and stances on the issues. That way, members can feel more invested in the election process and cast a more informed vote for their elected leaders.

Member Surveys and Comment Boards

We also invite all NRA members to make their voices heard right here on our website. We’ve posted live polls, member surveys, and comment boards where members can speak out about the organization and where they’d like to see it go from here. We encourage directors to use these public forums as a resource to better gauge the pulse of the organization and make sure its actions reflect the wishes of the members they serve.