Every Cent Counts

Save the Second is funded by average, everyday Second Amendment supporters who look forward to seeing the NRA return to a strong, healthy, respected organization. If you are able to give any amount at all, please do. We thank you in advance for your support and generosity.

What Will My Money Be Spent On?

Here’s a short list of items that will all require funding in order to fix our NRA. This isn’t all of it, but should help you decide if we’re worth some of your hard earned cash.

Infrastructure: We have recurring costs that include the website, regulatory fees, legal fees, backend items like bookkeeping software, generally all the stuff you need to keep an organization running.

NRAAM: We are planning on a large attendance at NRAAM, and in order to coordinate this we will incur a fairly large expense.

Petitions: There are costs associated with printing, distributing, and getting them signed.

Volunteers: We have to have proper marketing materials for our volunteers to spread the word, as well as the ability to help increase their visibility through the use of sponsorships and renting booths at gun shows.

Targeted Advertising: In order to help NRA members find our cause and get on board we need to use very targeted and limited advertising. This is done in a very cost efficient manner with constant review.