What If The NRA Falls?

What If The NRA Falls?

Save The Second continues to work for Reform at the NRA, so that they can me stronger, more credible and more effective in the future.

By Ron Carter
September 23, 2019

Many leaders at the 2019 Gun Rights Policy Conference were talking about the crisis at the NRA. Many see that the NRA could fail and are talking about what happens if the NRA Falls. Could it go bankrupt? Could the NY Attorney General shut them down? Could the Washington, DC AG strip Non-Profit Status?

A couple of speakers addressed “The Elephant in the Room” from the stage. In fact, that issue was important enough that Rob Pincus (Save The Second) and Jim Irvine (Buckeye Firearms Association) were scheduled as the first guest speakers on Saturday Morning. They didn’t waste the opportunity re-hashing the misdeeds of the NRA Leadership or listing the many problems in Fairfax.

Pincus & Irvine reminded everyone of a couple of important things, should the NRA Fall:

1. American Gun Owners are the Gun Lobby.
2. There are hundreds of legitimate organizations doing good work to defend our Second Amendment Rights.
3. It is harder to fight hundreds of organizations than just one.

Not surprisingly, their message resonated with the 1000 attendees at the 2019 Gun Rights Policy Conference, which is largely made of up of leaders from State, Local and Lifestyle Gun Rights Organizations…. organizations that are capable of picking up the slack and anxious to have access to more resources and opportunities if the NRA Falls.

GRPC is the premier Gun Rights Advocacy event of the year. It should be noted that not a single on of the 91 speakers, including a few NRA Representatives and at least one Board Member, took the opportunity to defend the current NRA Leadership or address the crisis from the stage.

Save The Second continues to work for Reform at the NRA, so that they can be stronger, more credible and more effective in the future.

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