This is our opportunity to wield the power you have. We can change our NRA. 76 in 76.

By Ron Carter
June 27, 2019

When Hi Point launched their “Name the 9” contest on June 6th, 2019 no one anticipated what would happen. A large amount of entries were entered in jest during the first phase of the contest with companies such as Student of the Gun and We Like Shooting having submissions in their likeness while other entries such as “Problem Solver” were just plain humorous. The start of the second phase, however, eliminated several of the popular entries. That elimination sparked an amazing flurry of engagement, reach and attention, and that’s an understatement!

Omitted, to the surprise of many, was the overwhelmingly popular entry “Yeet Cannon.” That particular elimination set the internet on fire. By noon of that Wednesday every social media page and group had commented in some form or fashion on the ensuing “Yeet-gate.” Hi Point’s Facebook page had 1.5k comments on their post announcing the second round of voting in just four hours. Soon, commenters were sharing the customer service phone numbers and rallying any and every person that they could to make Hi Point reconsider. H&K, Palmetto State Armory, Aero Precision, Beretta, SCCY and more firearms manufactures soon joined in with some mocking and some genuinely offering new products with the word “Yeet” on them. The fire-storm continued into that evening. “At one point I was… getting four to five messages a minute,” said Kara Boesenberg who at the head of the marketing for MKS Supply LLC (contracted by Hi Point) had an entire team behind her doing the same. 

Early the next morning Hi Point released a statement telling their customer that they had been heard and that the Yeet Cannon entry would be added to a final showdown with the winner of the second round. The calls, emails, messages, reviews and overwhelming outcry had worked. The Hi Point company relented. Currently, Yeet Cannon is destroying its final competitor, CTAC9, by a staggering majority (over 316,000 votes, or 95%, as of right now). Regardless of your opinions on the matter the engagement was absolutely incredible. 

Image from Hi Point’s Name the 9 Contest

What does that mean to us? It means that we need to take notes. That level of engagement has loads of power. It is the power that you can wield to effectively tell your directors your thoughts and by doing so change your NRA. Imagine where the NRA would be right now if its members would have called, emailed, messaged and otherwise demanded our directors do something with the same ferocity as a bunch of jokesters who merely want “Yeet Cannon” on the side of a $200 handgun. Imagine if instead of re-electing a professional basketball player to a second term (when he still hasn’t shown up to be sworn in for his first) what the NRA would look like now as a result. Imagine if all the people saying “let it burn” or “go join XZY organization instead” had tenaciously hounded their NRA directors. You might be tempted to think that that would have been fruitless. I wholeheartedly disagree and Hi Point is the example. If nothing else that level of engagement would have at least yielded some other result instead of the apathetic indifference that got us here. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not suggesting you are to blame and neither am I suggesting that we need to petition our directors to name the next CEO of the NRA Yeet Cannon. I am suggesting that you can be the solution. If we are half as passionate as those persons who wanted a handgun named something so ridiculous, I am certain that we can fix the NRA before it is too late.

Here is what I propose you do. Join me in going through the list. Write a single letter, email, or message a day. If you can afford all three, do it! In your messages, instead of pointing out the flaws and failures (and what we already know) be direct and be simple. Tell your directors you want them to fix the NRA and how to do it. There are 76 NRA Board of Directors and today (June 27, 2019) there are 76 days until the September NRA Board of Directors meeting. Let’s go straight down the list. Take the lessons learned from that Hi Point contest: share it with your friends, share it with your families, share it with your neighbors, share it with your coworkers, share it with your USPSAs, share it with your clubs, share it in your groups, share it with your YouTubers, share it in your podcasts, share it on your AR15coms, share it in your chans, share it with your meme pages, tell every single NRA member that you possibly can to contact their NRA directors. This is our opportunity to wield the power you have. We can change our NRA. 76 in 76. 

Going by first name alphabetical order Alan Cors is up. If you a hard time writing what you’d like to, I suggest the Five Points of Reform being put forth by Simply tell the directors that you agree with Save the Second in your message and provide the website so that they can clearly see that we aren’t merely criticizing, we are trying to help! Either way, the NRA is our organization and the fastest way we change it is through members contacting the Board of Directors. 

-Ron Carter

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