You still have a voice even if you aren’t currently a voting eligible member!

By Ron Carter
July 2, 2019

This year many people will be headed to the ballot box in November. It will be the gubernatorial elections for Kentucky, Louisiana, and Mississippi as well as thousands of citizen initiatives, mayoral races and other local elections. You may be familiar with these elections; if you aren’t I am confident you will soon see the TV ads and other advertisements. Elections spur loads of attention, but that isn’t the case of our NRA Director elections. Can you tell me the names of the directors seeking reelection this year? 

Each year Twenty-five NRA directors are elected by ballot. One additional director is elected at the Annual Meeting which serves as the seventy-sixth. Anthony Colandro won that 76th seat at Indianapolis this year. While we won’t know who will even make the ballot for a few more months now (thanks to the nomination committee who picks and chooses who they want on the ballot) I do expect to see several more candidates run by petition which prevents them from simply hoping that the nomination committee selects them. Last years’ voting turn out was just pathetic. There were over 2 million ballots sent to voting eligible NRA members and only a small fraction completed their ballots.

To be eligible to vote you must either be a Life Member or have five years of consecutive annual memberships (minimum). I am, personally, a mere annual member. I have been so, consecutively, for four years running. I did let my membership lapse a few years back and that reset the clock for me to be eligible. I will hit my five years just before Annual Meeting 2020 in Nashville, but it will be too late for me to vote in this election. My wife is an annual NRA member, with less than five consecutive years, as well. As members who are not voting eligible we can only vote for the annual 76th seat at the Annual Meeting. If either of us wanted to vote for the 25 candidates on the ballot in November we would need to purchase a Life Membership immediately. 

You still have a voice even if you aren’t currently a voting eligible member! Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t voting eligible, contact your directors! Perhaps you should consider helping the candidates you want to see elected. If they’re running by petition they will definitely need your help. A very common question that is asked is should you consider purchasing a Life Membership so as to vote for the 25 candidates this year? That is a difficult question for me to answer. With so many failures and a lack of accountability, it goes against my conscience to do so. Now, that is reason I haven’t upgraded to a Life membership and why I continue to merely renew my annual membership each year. I encourage you to make that decision for yourself. 

Below is a list of the current directors whose terms end this year. It is not yet clear who all will seek reelection, but there are a few like Todd J. Rathner who are beginning their reelection campaigns. Regardless, we need good, educated, voting-eligible NRA members to elect stalwart candidates with bold integrity who will answer to the members and address the gluttonous transgressions that our association has experienced. Our NRA needs accountability now and this election is absolutely crucial to seeing that come to fruition.

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