NRA Meeting of the Members 2020

NRA Meeting of the Members 2020

Only two types of people will attend, those loyal to Wayne LaPierre and those loyal to the Second Amendment.

By Ron Carter

In the 149 year history of the National Rifle Association of America, this is the most important Meeting of the Members that there has ever been. The only group that can make the changes we need are the Board of Directors. 

It is time (past time) for directors to stand up, acknowledge the embarrassing failure that they have allowed and make drastic changes. Members must demand the NRA Board immediately act and save the Association from the jeopardy in which Wayne LaPierre and his loyalists have placed it.

Only two types of people will attend the Meeting of the Members in Tucson, those loyal to Wayne LaPierre and those loyal to the Second Amendment. The stage is set for a showdown. 


To date, the NRA Board of Directors have simply smiled, nodded and defended Wayne LaPierre. That is unacceptable. In any other organization in the United States, a prudent board of directors would have removed LaPierre and his cohorts two years ago (or in 1996, like they attempted to). We’ll soon have a criminally indicted CEO/EVP of the NRA and the prospect of that (regardless of election year or not) is astounding. LaPierre must not be allowed to continue to drain the NRA of millions of dollars.

The largest problem for the majority of the 76 directors is that they have been culpable. They lack the integrity to do anything more than follow a failed leader since many have enjoyed self-enriching benefits. Many directors are solely on the BoD because LaPierre wanted them there. They wouldn’t dream of crossing him. LaPierre has electioneered the board to suit his personal benefit.


Here is what you need to know.


Location, date, time and specifics are determined by the NRA in this announcement. Pima County has restrictions in place due to COVID.

Frank Tait is the only candidate for the 76th director election that is actively campaigning. The LaPierre loyalists don’t have a candidate they are actively supporting (yet), but it is obvious they don’t want Frank Tait on the board and they’ll likely pull an expensive, secretive ace out of their sleeve like we learned about here.

All members, not just those with voting eligibility, can vote for the 76th director on Friday October 23rd and Saturday, until the conclusion of the Meeting of the Members.


All members shall have the privilege to attend and be heard at all meetings of the members, and have have the right to attend all meetings of the board of directors.

– NRA Bylaw Article III sec 6 (d).

The Meeting of the Members has reached its “capacity,” currently, which seems to stand in contradiction to the NRA Bylaws of all members having the privilege to attend and be heard.

Immediately following the Meeting of the Members the NRA Board of Directors will have their meeting. If you can’t join us at the Meeting of the Members or the board meeting at least stop by and vote for Frank Tait. I have a feeling that there is a new Paul Payne in town and he’s going to try to make sure the LaPierre loyalists win.

More to come on this in the days leading up to the 23rd!

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