The Candidates

The Candidates

To make it a bit easier for you to find and listen to our discussion on the Candidates from Ep. 18 of the podcast, we’ve included the timestamped links to when we discussed the candidates below.

-John Cushman was successful in getting onto the Ballot by Petition only. It was Mr. Carter who ran by petition but was also put on the ballot by the nominating committee. Only John Cushman and Frank Tait are on the ballot solely by petition of the members.

-Patricia Clark is a former Chair of the Nominating Committee, she was not serving on the Committee when she was put on the ballot by that committee last year. It is currently not clear who the Char of the Nominating Committee is.

-Jeffrey W. Hague has withdrawn his name, as the February issue of American Rifleman indicates. Candidates page has updated to 38 candidates and 84% of those 38 being elected to the NRA BoD.

-Ted W. Carter informs us that he was elected to the BoD in 2011, not 1999.

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