January NRA Board Meeting ’20

January NRA Board Meeting ’20

From Save the Second’s Facebook Event for the NRA Winter Board Meeting We are six days away 

By Ron Carter
January 5, 2020

We are six days away from the January NRA Board Meeting with the Committee Meetings likely starting in just two days.

The NRA Board of Directors meet three times each year, January, April and September. These meetings also host many of the 37 standing committee meetings. One committee meeting in particular will be exceptionally important this year, the Finance Committee meeting on Friday, January 10th at 0900 in Regency Ballroom, 1st level.

The NRA Board has largely been quiet over the fall and winter months. Multiple subpoenas have been served to the NRA BoD, the latest round of subpoenas were likely served before Christmas. Merry Christmas Directors, right? Yikes.

Is this enough to spur change? Is this enough to address the failed leadership and lack of accountability in our NRA? Or is there nothing that will change those directors’ minds? Will they simply continue to allow the malfeasance and self-serving M.O.?

The list of candidates for the 2020 NRA BoD election points to the later with 37 of the 39 having been nominated by the Nominating Committee. Several candidates are only known in the firearms community as a result of acquaintance to Wayne LaPierre. Save the Second’s Guide to the NRA BoD Candidates will be published soon.

Even if the NRA leadership is not at fault for many of the transgressions they have allowed our NRA to be brought to a place where the entire organization is in jeopardy… and in one of the most important election years in our nation’s history. That is entirely unacceptable.

Poll From the Facebook group Friends of Save the Second

What can you do?

You can help by emailing the NRA BoD at nrabod@nrahq.org (please include your member I.D. number) and tell them what you would like them to do. The directors work for the members.

You can attend! You can be there and speak with your NRA BoD’s!!! If you can make it, please come out. As a NRA member you have a RIGHT to attend the NRA Board Meeting per the NRA Bylaws.

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3 Replies to “January NRA Board Meeting ’20”

  1. I will be there, arriving Thursday. I can find no way to. Immunization with organizers. I made a commitment to join you but need to know what to do. I don’t want to just sit in the audience. I want to help make a change.

    1. Deborah,

      We are so very delighted to hear that you will be joining us. As for what you can do while you are there, speaking directly with your NRA Board of Directors is what is probably the most important thing you can do. In many cases we expect that the Committee Meetings and the Board Meeting itself will go into executive session, in other words, we’ll be asked to wait outside. In those instances there is little more we can do but stand around. The NRA Board of Directors work for the members. It is incredibly important that you explain to the directors what you would like to see happen. We’ll be discussing more both here on the site, on Facebook and in our Podcast. We’ll also have time to speak in person. Thank you so much for attending the NRA BoD Meeting and striving to make a difference in your NRA!


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