Gun Community Media Continues To Press On The NRA Crisis

Gun Community Media Continues To Press On The NRA Crisis

Mark Walters, Tom Gresham, John Richardson, John Patton, Michael Bane and many other well known Second Amendment Advocates have clearly criticized the leadership of the NRA.

By STS Staff
August 14, 2019

For months we’ve heard from a smaller and smaller group of apologists for Wayne LaPierre and the status quo at the NRA that everything we are learning about their dysfunction and malfeasance are lies. We’re being told that it is the “anti-gun media” or journalists with “liberal agendas” who are creating stories out of thin air or blowing acknowledged issues out of proportion. It is true that most of the best investigative journalism on the NRA Crisis has been published through outlets that have a history of pushing a gun control agenda… but that certainly doesn’t mean that what their reporting isn’t true. More and more members of the gun community media with well established credentials are asking the hard questions and reporting the uncomfortable truths lately.

Mark WaltersTom GreshamJohn RichardsonJohn PattonMichael Bane and many other well known Second Amendment Advocates have clearly criticized the leadership of the NRA. The number of gun community media members joining the ranks of people who are more worried about the NRA getting fixed than they are about being accused of “Helping The Other Side” by simply asking important questions and reporting established facts continues to grow. The tide has clearly turned and we are proud of those who are finally speaking openly about concerns that they have had for a long time. The pressure to suppress the truth has been very real in the gun community.

Yesterday, Firearms News delivered on their promise to be part of the trend. After announcing that they would be publishing a series of articles on the NRA Crisis stating that they believed the conversations on this topic were now unavoidable. In that first piece, they outlined the means through which the NRA has become so dysfunctional… exposing the systemic nature of the problems in the association. In Part 2 of their series they continue to paint a very clear picture of how the NRA has deceived millions of American Gun Owners about their finances, influence and activities.
Going as far as to recommend that American Gun Owners consider shifting support to State Level Organizations and encouraging them to get more involved in influencing National Policy:

Their current level of engagement with both state and federal legislation leaves much to be desired. If you don’t believe in the arguments presented here then you are free to keep on blindly supporting the NRA and all of its actions, both positive and negative. If you feel that the organization no longer serve your interests but you are not sure what to do then by all means support your state level organization. Give them your time, donations (both monetary and physical), or your voice. Many are currently structured to only be involved in the state level of politics. Maybe its time for that to change and these organizations begin engaging with their U.S. Senators and Representatives. There is a lot of power in these groups directly representing their electorate to these officials. That goes back to an old saying that all politics are local and maybe its time to reinforce that.

Firearms News, August 13th, 2019

We encourage more people to speak up! If you have your own channel, share your concerns and thoughts out loud. We know that there are still people worried about retribution, bullying or intimidation being done by the Old Guard and their cronies… trust us: they don’t have that kind of power. If you don’t have a media channel, write the NRA Directors through our #76in76 Campaign or send us your thoughts and maybe we can forward, quote or even publish them here at our blog. Of course, you can also reach out to your own Gun Media Favorites and ask them to speak up as well.

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