Freedom to Dissent

Freedom to Dissent

June 14th, 2019

Over the last few weeks, as I’ve spoken out a bit more on the recent scandals plaguing the NRA. I’ve begun to notice a familiar response from NRA Board Members. As if they’ve all been coached to use the same talking points, they keep accusing me and other dissenters of helping the enemy, consorting with the enemy, being clandestine spies for the enemy, or down right being the enemy. 

Frankly, I resent that.

I also find it terribly ironic that a bunch of self-proclaimed freedom-loving, Constitution-defending, supposed civil rights activists would balk at dissension from among the ranks. That is not very American.

In response to a letter I recently sent to the NRA Board asking about conflicts of interest, Board Member Wayne Ross predictably played the “you’re the enemy” card, and it was the last straw. After practically suggesting I was on the Bloomberg payroll, Col. Ross warned me to get back in line with him and his compatriots. Below is my response to him. And it’ll be my response to anyone who claims I am against the Second Amendment just because I disagree with the NRA powers-that-be. 

Your letter closed with a plea: “Tiffany… I hope you will join us in our efforts.” Sir, that depends on what your efforts are.

Will I follow your efforts blindly, slavishly, without question, just because many of the NRA’s leaders have held their positions of power for longer than I’ve been alive? No, I will not. Will I join your efforts if they appear to be fueling rather than quelling the current assault on the NRA by the media and by those who wish to restrict or abolish the Second Amendment? No, I will not. Will I join your efforts if they result in waning morale among the membership and dire financial straits that force the NRA to repeatedly increase membership dues and to send desperate fundraising emails claiming the NRA “may be forced to shut down forever”? No, I will not.

But if your efforts include urgent actions to preserve the Second Amendment, to reinvigorate the NRA, and to expand our membership and public support with new blood, new energy, new ideas, and 21st Century perspectives in keeping with modern times, then yes, I am absolutely on board, one hundred percent. Your letter urged me to “decide whose side you are on.” I appreciate the advice, but I am not on the side of any individual person, no matter how long they’ve held their NRA leadership title. Only in autocratic monarchies do subjects pledge absolute allegiance to human beings. As for me, I choose instead to side with the Second Amendment itself — and all the priceless freedoms it enshrines.

– Tiffany Johnson

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