Dear Mrs Hammer

Dear Mrs Hammer

Now, it is reported that you have taken out illegal loans thanks to your nonprofit, Unified Sportsmen of Florida, at a super low interest so that you could buy and refinance real estate. 

By Ron Carter
September 6, 2019

Save the Second is eagerly anticipating this upcoming Saturday which is the Fall NRA Board Meeting where we hope to see positive change in our beloved National Rifle Association. Hope to see you there and we look forward to speaking with you about this.

We have discussed you, Mrs Hammer, in depth since you continually attack NRA members who you imagine pose a threat to you (i.e. Adam KrautDavid Dell’Aquila and Save the Second) and ferociously defend Wayne LaPierre.

In your first letter attacking Save the Second, you were mistaken about many things (including our website address), but in your latest letter attacking us you intentionally insinuate that we are “maliciously encourag[ing] the harassment of NRA board members who oppose attempts to oust NRA leadership.” No, we only encourage members to be active in their organization. Contacting their elected directors is a means by which they can be active. As there was no prior convenient way to contact our directors we set out to create a means by which members could! Surely you’ll agree that doing so is prudent! Your constituents have a voice in their organization. I implore you to listen.

Now, it is reported that you have taken out illegal loans thanks to your nonprofit, Unified Sportsmen of Florida, at a super low interest so that you could buy and refinance real estate. We know that our NRA has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to your nonprofit, including $270,000 in 2018. Is this where our member dues and charitable donations are going? To help purchase and refinancing your personal real estate, Mrs Hammer?

The NRA Board of Directors (BoD) are elected. It is the duty of the BoD to “formulate policies and govern and have general oversight of the affairs and property of the Association…” (NRA Bylaws Article IV, Sec 2).

Judging by these allegations against you and your constant attacks on those of us who exercise their “duty … to assist in every feasible manner in promoting the objectives of the Association… (NRA Bylaws Article III Sec 9[a]) one might conclude that you are desperately trying to silence those of us who demand integrity and accountability. Why else would you seek to slander our goals? Is a requirement for director attendance a nefarious proposition? Perhaps term limits, a smaller boardmember engagement or an exclusive 2A focus are?

Could it be that you are afraid that more will find out that you have violated NRA Bylaws Article V, Sec 5 (a) which states “No Director or member of the Executive Council shall receive any salary or other private benefit unless specifically authorized by resolution of the Board of Directors or an authorized committee thereof…” as David Dell’Aquila is investigating?

I can say only one thing with certainty:

We at Save the Second are in favor of a strong, relevant, effective, and accountable NRA that is free of corruption, malfeasance, empty chairs, sexual harassment, crime, or other unscrupulous iniquity that has been allowed or committed by our National Rifle Association of America’s leadership.
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