A Day in the Life of a Save the Second Board Member

June 30th, 2019

Save the Second board member, Rob Pincus, was subpoenaed to appear on June 28th, before legal representation of the NRA – both staff lawyers and Brewer and Associate Representatives. Ackerman McQueen were represented by their attorneys via video teleconference. The subpoena was part of the NRA’s case against Ackerman McQueen, and Rob’s subpoena centered on how he came into possession of what The NRA has deemed “leaked” Insider information, before they were made public, regarding several practices by and allegations toward the NRA.  

Rob was cautioned by several colleagues and mentors that it would be foolish – at best -for him to appear without legal representation, but after looking over all of the documents that he was aware and a part of and all of his actions from the time of the 2019 NRA Annual Meeting through today (actually, since the early 2000s, when he began a period as a vendor for the Association, providing training videos), he felt that all he had to do was show up and tell the truth. It would be apparent and obvious that he was neither a source of the leak nor had he come into possession of any documents or information through any nefarious or illegal process on his part. The deposition was held in Colorado. A New Jersey native (more on THAT in a bit), Rob is a resident of Florida, but he maintains a residence in Colorado. He was in Colorado on the requested date due to obligations to the County that week as part of his service as a Reserve Deputy. 

Once the proceedings began and Rob was sworn in, he was asked how he had learned of the subpoena. Rob replied, “Via a text message from my mom.” Once the laughter had subsided and the question, asked again received the same answer, Rob said that the subpoena had been sent to his current NRA address, explaining, “It was the address my NRA Membership is attached to… I’ve never bothered to update it.” He then was asked to sign a waiver of proper serving of that subpoena, which he chose not to sign. He did however say that he was aware of the subpoena, and he showed up not through coercion of a court but because of his sense of wanting to do what was right.  

Let’s take a moment here…at this point, Rob could have legally and in good conscience called EndEx, and walked out. He was under NO obligation, legal or contractual, to remain. He CHOSE to continue, confident that the truth would be revealed and the insanity of this part of the witch hunt being conducted by the NRA and Brewer’s agency would, like most, be proven pointless. Also, let’s look at the logistics here and what the NRA was paying for: rental of the building; travel for NRA staff and Brewer’s Virginia representation (interesting that the Brewer Agency, a legal vendor of the Association, cannot practice in Virginia, the Association’s physical home); secure, bonded video conferencing legal specialists; a second audio and video recording vendor sent in from Durango for redundancy of documentation; and a court reporter who travelled five hours to serve as stenographer. As the proceeding went on for 5 (FIVE!!!) hours, it would be fair to estimate that all told this cost the Association – NOT any one individual affected by the “leaked documents” – between $10,000 – $20,000. Keep that in mind…

Five hours (including Rob’s uncompensated time) and untold dollars resulted in this: Rob presented all documents that he was aware of and part regarding the information in question and answered every question regarding how and when he had found that information. It was clearly evident that, first, as a non-NRA staff or current NRA contracted vendor, he neither had access to any of the information nor was he bound in any way to not disseminate any information that he was given or discovered. Also, as he was initially informed of the information by someone, like him was not current NRA staff or any former staff or vendor bound by a nondisclosure agreement or any other legal device, he in no way felt that the information was nothing more and nothing less than the truth, though troubling to the NRA’s current leadership. 

Whatever reason the NRA’s legal counsel had for and were authorized by NRA’s leadership the conduct of this deposition, one can only guess. Did they think that the threat of a crack legal agency like Brewer’s – you know, the ones that sent the deposition to his Mother’s house – would be enough to silence this Bloomberg shill malcontent? Did they think that the deposed would prove himself part of a vast conspiracy to bring down the NRA from within, in spite of the sterling efforts and spotless reputation of faithful service and fiscal responsibility of Lapierre and the Original Gangsters that this information was so harmful toward? Or, was it another example of the fiscal malfeasance so rampant in the current NRA’s spending their Members’ dues and donations, not their own money. But, one can’t help but be reminded of the Democratic National Committee near the end of the 2016 Presidential campaign. 

Wikileaks unveiled a series of damning information: the systematic shutdown of support to the Saunders’ campaign and the providing of debate questions to Clinton beforehand to name a few. 

None of the information was discredited nor shown to be “fake news”. 

The DNC took the line of “how dare WikiLeaks expose this information so close to the election” rather than defending themselves against these apparent truths.

Remember how we laughed at and scorned the DNC for this? Do ya….

Rob Pincus

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