#76in76 Round Two Update

#76in76 Round Two Update

Today we are on day twelve of our campaign designed to give you the tools to contact all of your NRA Board of Directors.

By Ron Carter
November 5, 2019

Today we are on day twelve of our campaign designed to give you the tools to contact all of your NRA Board of Directors. In these past twelve days, we’ve seen some big news. First, the internal strife has produced yet another director, Dan Boren, to resign. Yesterday we found out that over $2 million dollars were spent on off-the-books travel for Wayne LaPierre (and there’s some very shady things associated with that).

We have been taking one director at a time on our Facebook page and if you have missed a day or two (shhhh, I have) you can easily make it up! The entire board needs to hear from its members. You need to make your voice heard.

Writing can be difficult. If you don’t know where to start, you can always use our template below:

Dear Director ___________,

My NRA has been unaccountable to its members. It has wasted our members’ dues and donations and has been driven to the brink of disaster thanks to the failed leadership of the NRA executives and directors in their negligence, irresponsibility, or malfeasance in,  

  1. The multi-million dollar Carry Guard disaster.
  2. The wasting of money on unnecessary luxury private jet travel. 
  3. The wasting of money on 1/4 million dollar suits for one executive.
  4. The wasting of money on an attempted mansion purchase.
  5. The wasting of money on a singular legal firm for little benefit.
  6. The inexcusable liability of a currently employed executive who has had repeated allegations of sexual harassment.
  7. The retroactive authorizations of expenditures for insiders.
  8. The lack of attendance and participation of directors.
  9. The multiple lawsuits against an advertising agency that made decisions on behalf of the NRA.
  10. The disregard of seeing passed any pro-second amendment legislation when the entire US Government had the political ability to do so.
  11. The demonization of the board candidate with the highest amount of votes in the 2019 director election.
  12. The demonization of the previous ILA leadership.
  13. The multiple potentially criminal investigations into our NRA.
  14. The multiple resignations of directors.
  15. The lack of the Board to hold anyone responsible/accountable for these habitual disasters.

It is my wish that the NRA board provide immediate reform of the NRA leadership, leadership structure, and bylaws to ensure that these destructive occurrences never happen again in my National Rifle Association. At minimum, an independent audit, conducted to show the value of our dues and donations which have been spent by the executives, must be conducted. The risks our NRA is facing far outweighs the blind allegiance given to a failure-ridden NRA leadership. The board cannot be accountable by being unaccountable to its members. I am the NRA and my NRA needs reform now!  



NRA Member # ________________


(Name of Board member)
NRA Office of the Secretary
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA 22030

OR email: nrabod@nrahq.org

OR call (703) 267 – 1021

Please include your name, membership I.D. number as only communications from NRA members will be forwarded.


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