What have you seen? How many directors have replied to you? How many have you sent an email, Facebook message, or other letter?

By Ron Carter
July 26, 2019

As of today, July 26th, we are 30 days into our #76in76 campaign. Many of you have joined us in emailing or otherwise contacting 39% of the NRA BoD thus far. Forty-six days and directors are left until the start of the NRA BoD meeting in Anchorage, Alaska staring September 10th. The 30 directors we have covered have included seven executive committee members, President Carolyn Meadows and First VP Charles Cotton. Eleven of those have terms expiring this year and several have already started their re-election campaigns. 

What have you seen? How many directors have replied to you? How many have you sent an email, Facebook message, or other letter? If you haven’t been keeping up, that is totally understandable. You can keep track of the #76in76 by visiting and liking our facebook page. We need to contact our directors now more than ever. If you don’t know what to say, perhaps below would be a good start:

Dear Director _____,

We need a strong, relevant, effective and accountable NRA. Right now, our NRA is in jeopardy due to a severe lack of accountability. I stand with Save the Second in calling for a smaller board, term limits, minimum director attendance, better member engagement and an exclusive 2A focus. I support directors Sean Maloney, Esther Schneider, Timothy Knight, and Robert Brown in their call for an independent audit. The NRA cannot be accountable by being unaccountable. Moral failures, improprieties and malfeasance cannot exist in our NRA. Our NRA must be above reproach and our leadership must take full responsibility for the mess that they have lead us to. Please correct these issues before it is too late.


Your Name


(Name of Board member)
NRA Office of the Secretary
11250 Waples Mill Road
Fairfax, VA 22030

OR email: nrabod@nrahq.org

OR call (703) 267 – 1021

Please include your name, membership I.D. number as only communications from NRA members will be forwarded.


The director’s we have covered so far are below. Check and see if you have missed any (I may have missed a couple). You can go to Contact NRA BoD on our website to see the full list of director contact information. 

Allan D. Cors – ac72nr@corsusa.net

Allen B. West – https://theoldschoolpatriot.com/contact-us/

Anthony Peter Colandro – anthony@gunforhire.com

Bart Skelton – https://twitter.com/bart4570

Bill Miller – bill@billmillerins.com

Blaine E. Wade – bwade@bristoltn.org

Carl T. Rowan, Jr – carlrowanjr@gmail.com

Carol Frampton – cbambery@gmail.com

Carolyn D. Meadows – carolyn.meadows@nrahq.org

Carrie Lightfoot – clightfoot123@msn.com 


Clel E. Baudler – https://www.facebook.com/clel.baudler

Craig Morgan – https://www.facebook.com/craigmorganmusic/

Curtis S. Jenkins – curtisjenkins.nra@gmail.com

Dan David Boren – dan.boren@chickasaw.net

David A. Keene – dkeene@nrahq.org

David Butz –  db6565@sbcglobal.net

David G. Coy – shootingcpa@gmail.com 

Dean G. Cain – https://twitter.com/RealDeanCain

Don Saba – 1851N@lycos.com

Donald E. Young – https://twitter.com/repdonyoung

Duane Liptak, Jr. – duaneliptakjrnramail@gmail.com

Dwight D. Van Horn – ddvanhorn@roadrunner.com

Edie P. Fleeman – edie.board@gmail.com

Esther L. Schneider – eqschneider@gmail.com

Graham Hill – gyhnra@gmail.com

Heidi E. Washington – heidiwashington4nra@gmail.com

Herbert A. Lanford, Jr. – herblanford@gmail.com

Howard J. Walter – hwalter2@earthlink.net

Il Ling New – inside1@aol.com

Help us spread the word.

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