I am afraid that the destruction of the NRA would give us no other choice but to move on, to other organizations which fight for our second amendment rights. Loads already have, unfortunately.

By Ron Carter
July 19, 2019

Save the Second started the #76in76 campaign on our Facebook page on June 26th. The goal of the #76in76 is that you, members of the National Rifle Association (NRA), contact all 76 of your NRA Board of Directors (BoD) in the days leading up to the next BoD’s meeting in Anchorage, AK on September 10th. Your voice as an NRA member has never before been needed as much as it is right now. 

The NRA BoD’s job is to hold the NRA executive leadership accountable and provide the direction, integrity and oversight for the future of our nonprofit organization. As the recent removal/resignations of Oliver North, Pete Brownell, Jennifer Baker and Chris Cox, plus the recent De Facto Purge of directors from their committee assignments, has shown us the organization is in disrepair. The problems are further exacerbated by the New York and District of Columbia’s investigations into violations (potentially criminal) of the nonprofit status of the NRA. Many believe that these investigations will result in the loss of the NRA’s nonprofit status and as a result will ultimately cripple the NRA beyond repair. That is a very real result of the malfeasance with which our NRA executive leadership has allowed and perhaps fostered. 

Directors such as Marion Hammer do not seem to care. It seems that to her these are trivial attacks from some outside force and anyone demanding accountability is apart of that attack. On the afternoon of Sunday, June 14th Hammer sent out an email condoning the removal of directors from committees. In it she specifically chastises Duane Liptak, NRA Director and the CEO of Magpul, explaining that those directors removed from committees are not on a “naughty list” but actually on a “non-professional list.” I am unable to envision any of the directors stripped of their committee assignments as unprofessional. Just the opposite, anyone who attempts to coverup, condone or commit malfeasance is unprofessional and an enemy of our NRA. Thus far Marion Hammer’s only actions have been to defend a failed NRA leader and label any who demands accountability an anti-gun agent or non-professional director. 

Marion Hammer urges us all to look on to a future election and ignore the present. Moving forward might be possible if integrity existed in the NRA BoD to fight the failed leadership and have those responsible held accountable for these multitude of failures. Those directors who are on the “non-professional list” might be our best hope in fixing the NRA. We must fix the NRA today so that tomorrow’s fight can even be possible. Mrs Hammer continues in he email, “We must now move on. Those who truly care about the Second Amendment and Freedom will move on.” 

I am afraid that the destruction of the NRA would give us no other choice but to move on, to other organizations which fight for our second amendment rights. Loads already have, unfortunately. Nice to see Hammer try to unify those disenfranchised members, right? The destruction of the NRA is something none of us at Save the Second wish to happen. Just the opposite, Save the Second’s very creation on June 2nd, 2019 was meant to correct and strengthen our NRA. Ultimately, Save the Second has no final say. We can only identify problems, work towards solutions and educate NRA members on what is truly occurring inside their NRA. Which is why we need you to participate in the #76in76, desperately. 

Marion Hammer, Tom King and more on the BoD continue to demonize and ignore the NRA members. They also continue silence directors who raise concerns and defend the largest enemy to the NRA: the internal lack of accountability for those at the top. Actions prove who someone is, words prove who someone wants to be. The path to reform is desperately needed and reform starts with integrity, accountability and transparency. There are NRA BoD who are working towards these reformations. Timothy Knight seems to have done just that in calling for an independent audit.

Hammer mentions in her letter that there are “numerous well-informed board members who have taken the time and made an effort to learn the facts.” That is interesting to me. Perhaps she doesn’t want all directors to be well-informed. Especially since Allen West specifically mentioned having not been made aware of the facts in his article in May, despite Carolyn Meadows saying the board had. Even more unsettling is the fact that Tom King threatened myself with legal action after I confronted him on a $40,000 airfare to the Bahamas for Wayne LaPierre paid for by Ackerman McQueen. While those leaked documents which provide that information do not tell the whole story Marion Hammer, Tom King and more certainly won’t even mention or comment on such things. Perhaps they cannot comment because these documents are a part of ongoing lawsuits between the NRA and Ackerman McQueen. That shouldn’t stop them from taking action. 

Whatever the case may be, the BoD allowed these problems to flourish. Still, the BoD can fix it but they need to fix it now, not in 2021. We desperately need you to tell your NRA BoD that they must fix the problem before it is too late. The fate of our NRA is at stake. Please, get motivated and get focused. Write some letters to directors and write a lot of them. Together we can be apart of the solution to make our NRA accountable, effective, relevant and amazing. A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

Veritas Aequitas,

Ron Carter

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