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Save The Second is a 501(c)4 non-profit dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and expansion of the Second Amendment. We were founded by two NRA members – Anthony Garcia (President) and Ron Carter (Vice-President) who were tired of watching the NRA fall apart, and decided to do something to save it.

Our vision is to save the Second Amendment by strengthening the National Rifle Association. We hope to grow the NRA’s membership, improve its public image, and secure the NRA’s long-term ability to carry out its stated purpose of protecting our “individual rights of self-preservation and defense of family, person, and property,” as provided in Article II, Section 1 of the NRA Bylaws.

Find out more about how we plan to do that by reviewing our 5 Goals and taking a look through the rest of our site.

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Going live with Derek LeBlanc in one hour! You can watch on our Facebook page or our YouTube!
Save the Second
Save the Second
Since today's #76in76 director is Marion Hammer, let's revisit the August 29th letter she sent out.

Save the Second
Marion Hammer's August 29th, 2019 Letter Discussion
This is an excerpt from the Save the Second Podcast, episode two. In this except we hear from Anthony Garcia and Ron Carter. To hear the entire podcast visit...
Save the Second
Save the Second plans to go live.
Save the Second
Save the Second
#76in76 - Let your voice be heard to each NRA Director.

Today we are messaging the one and only Marion Hammer

You can contact her via her email, mphammer1@aol.com

If you don't know where to begin, you can check out our suggestion at http://www.savethe2a.org/blog-post/76-in-76-round-two/
Save the Second
Save the Second
#76in76 - Let your voice be heard to each NRA Director.

Today we are messaging Maria Heil.

You can contact her via her email, marianra@nraonline.com

If you don't know where to begin, you can check out our suggestion at http://www.savethe2a.org/blog-post/76-in-76-round-two/
Save the Second
Save the Second
As always, take the source with a grain of salt, or a tablespoon. They hate the NRA. We want to repair the NRA. This article is made possible by the lawsuit of the NRA suing Ackerman McQueen (NRATV and more) which has shed a lot of light where there has only been darkness.

Also consider that if even a 1/10th of what Ackerman McQueen has claimed is true, the members need to hold their NRA leadership accountable. Now!


#ChangtheNRA #SavetheSecond #StoptheWayneDrain

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By Ron Carter / November 19, 2019

Find a Picture of the NRA President Holding A Gun

On Monday, November 19th, we put out a challenge on our Facebook Page. A simple challenge. The first person to post a picture of the NRA President holding a firearm wins and will receive a $10 Chick-fil-a Gift Card!

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By Ron Carter / November 14, 2019

NRAAM 2020 – Get Ready

We need you to take back your NRA. Together we can do it. Together. That means with you. We’ll see you there on Saturday, April 18th.

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By Ron Carter / November 11, 2019

NRA Board of Directors (BoD) Candidates

What EVER you do. Don't be one of the 94% of voting eligible NRA members that DIDN't vote last year.

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By Ron Carter / November 5, 2019

#76in76 Round Two Update

Today we are on day twelve of our campaign designed to give you the tools to contact all of your NRA Board of Directors. In these past twelve days, we've seen some big news. First, the internal strife has produced yet another director, Dan Boren, to resign. Yesterday we found out that over $2 million dollars were spent on off-the-books travel for Wayne LaPierre (and there's some very shady things associated with that).

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By Ron Carter / October 28, 2019

Someone is Lying and it Doesn’t Matter

At this point, it doesn’t matter anymore. As members of the NRA who desperately want to see the NRA strong, relevant, effective and accountable this can only mean that our NRA leadership was at best derelict in its duty. At worst they are terribly corrupt.

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By Ron Carter / October 26, 2019

#76 in 76 Round Two

Today, October 27th, 2019 we will have 76 days until the January 11th NRA Board Meeting in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Look for each director to be showcased on our Facebook Page between now and the board meeting.

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By STS Staff / October 24, 2019

Sorry Tom King, but you have outed yourself.

Tom you slipped up bad. You finally admitted your true colors to a reporter and have outed yourself.

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By admin / October 15, 2019

Podcast Episode 6

Continuing our Podcast yesterday, we discussed Oliver North, 2A Rally and more! You can listen here or on your favorite...

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By admin / September 23, 2019

What If The NRA Falls?

Save The Second continues to work for Reform at the NRA, so that they can me stronger, more credible and more effective in the future.

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By admin / September 22, 2019

Episode 4 – The NRA Board Meeting

In our fourth episode of the Save the Second Podcast we discussed the Fall NRA Board Meeting which was held...

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By admin / September 18, 2019

Save The Second Talks About The NRA Board Meeting On NPR

Rob Pincus was invited back on to NPR’s Here & Now to talk about the experience that NRA Members had while attending the 2019 Fall Board Meeting. Members were not welcome and it was apparent that the NRA Leadership was completely unprepared for them to be present.

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By admin / September 17, 2019

NRA Crisis And Save The Second: Polite Society Podcast #509

Rob Pincus joined the Polite Society Podcast to talk about the NRA Crisis, STS Proposed Reforms and the 2019 Fall Board Meeting.

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By admin / September 17, 2019

STS Board Members Discuss 2019 Fall NRA Board Meeting

In this hour long conversation, the STS Board discusses the highlights, and the lowlights, of the experience… as well as the disappointing position that the Bylaws Committee took on our NRA Voting Member Petition Driven proposal to add a Minimal Attendance Rule for Board Members to the NRA Bylaws.

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By Ron Carter / September 16, 2019

The NRA September Board Meeting Nutshell

At the conclusion of his speech Wayne appointed Jason Ouimet to be the new head of NRA-ILA. However, he didn’t realize the board had to vote in Jason Ouimet so with a quick correction by Cotton the board was on to a vote which essentially approve LaPierre’s will.

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By admin / September 13, 2019

1 In 5 Million: A Member Attends Day 1 Of The NRA Board Meetings

Yesterday, Save The Second Board Member Rob Pincus attended the NRA Board Meeting… for about 15 minutes. Unfortunately, he was the only 1 of 5 Million NRA Members that showed up to try to learn the truth about what was going on inside the NRA Board and to lobby for Reform inside the troubled organization. Ostensibly, the NRA Board Meetings, including the committee meetings that occur the days before the main events, are open to The Members. In practice, the NRA does not encourage Members to participate, nor do they make it easy.

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By admin / September 11, 2019

It Is Over, But It Is Just Getting Started

The 76 in 76 campaign was a small campaign that led up to this week. This week is a very important week for the history of the NRA. It is the Fall Board Meeting. Just before the Spring Board meeting in Indianapolis this year, Jeff Knox wrote and opinion on ammoland titled:

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By Ron Carter / September 6, 2019

Dear Mrs Hammer

Now, it is reported that you have taken out illegal loans thanks to your nonprofit, Unified Sportsmen of Florida, at a super low interest so that you could buy and refinance real estate. We know that our NRA has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to your nonprofit, including $270,000 in 2018. Is this where our member dues and charitable donations are going? To help purchase and refinancing your personal real estate, Mrs Hammer?

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By admin / September 6, 2019

New ILA General Counsel Brings More Baggage And No Specific Experience To The Job…

The NRA has been typically opaque with Members and American Gun Owners about this hire, although it was announced internally. We were tipped off to the lawyer’s problematic background and thought it was worth starting a conversation about.

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By admin / September 1, 2019

Save The Second Podcast Episode Two

In our second episode we were honored to have special guest John Richardson with us. You can find his blog here: http://onlygunsandmoney.blogspot.com/ and be sure to check him out the Polite Society Podcast!

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By admin / August 31, 2019

Marion Hammer’s August 29th Letter Discussion

This is an excerpt from the Save the Second Podcast, episode two. In this except we hear from Anthony Garcia and Ron Carter. To hear the entire podcast visit us on iTunes, YouTube, and your other favorite podcast provider.

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By admin / August 29, 2019

Dissident Donor Slams NRA & Marion Hammer With Bylaw Citations Related To Possible Corruption Issues

Meanwhile, Dell’Aquilla continues to gain support from high net-worth individuals who have pledged to withhold donations until there is regime change at the NRA. He currently has arranged over 150 Million in withhold funds. He has also initiated a class action lawsuit against the NRA on behalf of Members and Donors who feel their money has been misused. Learn more about his activities at his website.

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By admin / August 25, 2019

Save The Second Podcast

Last Sunday (August 25th, 2019) Save the Second created a podcast. You can listen or watch below. We hope to have an episode next week as well. Thanks for watching!

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By admin / August 23, 2019

Save The Second On NPR

Rob Pincus spoke with NPR’s Here & Now on August 23rd to speak about why it is important to American Gun Owners that the National Rifle Association begin earnest reforms and get out from under the current cloud of scandal surrounding Wayne LaPierre and the Board of Directors.

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By admin / August 19, 2019

A Sixth NRA Director Resigns

August 19th, 2019, Childress submitted his resignation letter to the NRA Board of Directors. That brings the total of directors who have resigned post NRAAM ’19 to six. Richard Childress, Julie Golob, Sean Maloney, Esther Schneider, Timothy Knight and Pete Brownell.

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By admin / August 18, 2019

Madam President, Fox New


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By Ron Carter / August 16, 2019

On Wayne LaPierre And His Removal

Suppose that LaPierre resigned today. What would happen? You see, all of the persons who condone and abet Wayne LaPierre would still remain and they are responsible for installing the next CEO/VP. The “swamp” would still remain. Suppose that I benefited financially from LaPierre’s leadership and wanted to maintain my (undisclosed to Florida regulators) $270,000 annual paycheck thanks to him, I would desperately need to install a Wayne LaPierre 2.0!

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By STS Staff / August 15, 2019

Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain

If in fact the finances of the NRA are questionable, wouldn’t the NRA President, Ms. Meadows, have an obligation to tell the board the true financial status of NRA? I think the most reasonable conclusion one could assume is that Ms Meadows does in fact have that obligation. If that is the case, then there is also the question: Is there a legal penalty for lying to the Board of Directors who have been elected by the NRA members to run the organization?

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By STS Staff / August 14, 2019

Gun Community Media Continues To Press On The NRA Crisis

Mark Walters, Tom Gresham, John Richardson, John Patton, Michael Bane and many other well known Second Amendment Advocates have clearly criticized the leadership of the NRA.

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By admin / August 14, 2019

Reckless NRA Financial Practices And Sketchy Internal Loans

Was it a coup attempt by Ack-Mc to install a replacement that would continue their sweetheart deal for another couple of decades? It might turn out to be as simple as the PR Firm that had the most inside of inside tracks into what has really been going on in Fairfax realizing that the association simply wasn’t going to be able to pay them for much longer.

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By Ron Carter / August 13, 2019

Save The Second Does NOT Want To Destroy The NRA

If that is not clear enough, read this: Save the Second does NOT want to destroy the NRA. We want a strong, effective, efficient, focused, engaged, powerful and accountable National Rifle Association of America. For that to happen, our NRA must be reformed.

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By admin / August 12, 2019

Breaking: A Fifth NRA Director Has Resigned

Mrs Golob’s resignation marks the fifth director to have resigned since May 30th, 2019. While board resignations are unprecedented in the organizations history, this is not the first time that directors have been removed. It was the first time that the NRA Institute for Legislative Action chief was suspended and later resigned. Since the myriad of lawsuits, investigations and allegations against the NRA and it’s CEO/VP have come to a head following the NRA Annual Meeting in April, all of the faces of the organization have changed dramatically, with the exception of CEO/VP Wayne LaPierre and his devote followers. 

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By admin / August 7, 2019

Real Answers To Direct Questions: Behind The Scenes Of A CBS Evening News Q&A

Many people have said that things will “get worse before they get better” in regard to the Crisis inside the NRA. We feel Strongly that the only way to get to the “better” part is by speaking openly and directly about the worst parts of the crisis. Without acknowledging the very real problems, we will not be able to advance the solutions to reform the NRA.

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By admin / August 3, 2019

Adam Kraut Declines Seat On The NRA Board Of Directors… Here’s WHY

Further, I am not willing to put the NRA into a position where my new position and role in our community could even potentially create a conflict, or even a bad optical light that could be leveraged against it by the media and its enemies. Thus, I cannot in good conscience accept a position as an NRA director.

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By admin / August 2, 2019

On Sheep In Sheepdog Clothing

Marion Hammer would not have the audacity to judge others, given that her attendance at Board meetings has been abysmal over the past 8 years, without the security of her “Hammertime for the 2A Haters” persona…and her hefty multi-year six figure compensation package that was just renewed.

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By admin / August 1, 2019

Breaking: NRA Board Resignations

The following is breaking as of 2:35pm MDT on August 1st, 2019. It breaks my heart. Three of the four NRA Directors who called for an independent audit have resigned. The following letter was just submitted to NRA Board President, from Directors Esther Schneider, Sean Maloney, and Timothy Knight:

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By admin / July 31, 2019

“Grassroots Movements”… And A Warning To NRA Directors

David Dell’Aquila, who has been motivating other high net worth donors to the NRA to stop providing funds to the organization has sent a very direct letter to the NRA Board of Directors:

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By STS Staff / July 28, 2019


Save the Second was formed to represent the voice of former, current and potential future NRA Members who are concerned about the problems currently facing the organization. We believe these problems were caused by its leadership and a failure of the Board of Directors to properly oversee the organization.

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By Ron Carter / July 26, 2019


If you agree and are a Voting NRA Member, follow this link, download the form, fill it out accurately and get it back to us as soon as possible so that we can make the deadline to turn them in for inclusion in the business of the September Board Meeting… and then SHARE this opportunity to Make the NRA Great Again.

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By Ron Carter / July 26, 2019


I address this first to our NRA members, you are the reason for our existence. It is your money we are spending. Believe me, I know this. It is NOT our money, it is yours.

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By Ron Carter / July 26, 2019


What have you seen? How many directors have replied to you? How many have you sent an email, Facebook message, or other letter? If you haven’t been keeping up, that is totally understandable. You can keep track of the #76in76 by visiting and liking our facebook page.

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By STS Staff / July 24, 2019


Much thanks to Eric for having us on to discuss why we think it is important to help the NRA Reform and become stronger!

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By Ron Carter / July 23, 2019


If you need to be brought up to speed, we have a page for that! If you are up to speed, take action! If you are in the last group, know that there is coming a time that your story will be told and your legacy hinges on which side you pick. No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to one and despise the other.

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By Ron Carter / July 20, 2019


STS Board Member Rob Pincus joined John Patton on The Gun Collective last week to discuss why Reforming the NRA is important and what our Five Points of Reform are all about.

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By STS Staff / July 20, 2019


We need to withstand a LOT to push the fight and ensure the future of a better, stronger, and more honest NRA. Some of the things we hear are kind of bitter. Some of our heroes are showing a darker side. But if we just accept the status quo, we allow this poison to continue to slowly kill the NRA. But, if we take in the little, bitter pills, small doses at a time, we’ll emerge stronger, as will our Association.

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By Ron Carter / July 19, 2019


I am afraid that the destruction of the NRA would give us no other choice but to move on, to other organizations which fight for our second amendment rights. Loads already have, unfortunately. Nice to see Hammer try to unify those disenfranchised members, right? The destruction of the NRA is something none of us at Save the Second wish to happen. Just the opposite, Save the Second’s very creation on June 2nd, 2019 was meant to correct and strengthen our NRA.

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By STS Staff / July 17, 2019


These issues involving threats and intimidation are running rampant there, according to sources on the inside. It has paralyzed many and kept them from acting publicly. It’s time the NRA members know this, and can act accordingly themselves.

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By Ron Carter / July 15, 2019


I am totally angered and disgusted at the direction that OUR Association’s executive “leadership” has gone, and I both value and respect the too few Board Members who have stood with integrity and courage to speak out against the current LaPierre regime and their utter contempt for the call for transparency and truthfulness.

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By admin / July 8, 2019


Mark Walters invited STS Board Member Rob Pincus onto his daily radio show a few weeks ago to discuss our Five Points of Reform and why reform is needed at the National Rifle Association in General. You can now listen to the entire discussion (40+ Minutes!) through Mark’s Youtube Channel.

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By Ron Carter / July 8, 2019


The bottom line is that the NRA cannot be accountable by being unaccountable. Those that would insult us as either being “Bloomberg” or playing into the hands of Bloomberg, such as Tom King did, are sitting on the sideline with their heads in the sand while our NRA is being destroyed.

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By Ron Carter / July 6, 2019


“To state the facts frankly is not to despair the future nor indict the past. The prudent heir takes careful inventory of his legacies and gives a faithful accounting to those whom he owes an obligation of trust.”

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By admin / July 5, 2019


“In the shadow of our Nation’s 243rd Birthday, are YOU willing to stand up and call for reforms at our National Rifle Association? Or, are you content to sit back idly while American Gun Owners lose faith in the NRA?”

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By Ron Carter / July 2, 2019


You still have a voice even if you aren’t currently a voting eligible member! Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t voting eligible, contact your directors! Perhaps you should consider helping the candidates you want to see elected.

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By Ron Carter / June 30, 2019


Whatever reason the NRA’s legal counsel had for and were authorized by NRA’s leadership the conduct of this deposition, one can only guess. Did they think that the threat of a crack legal agency like Brewer’s – you know, the ones that sent the deposition to his Mother’s house – would be enough to silence this Bloomberg shill malcontent? Did they think that the deposed would prove himself part of a vast conspiracy to bring down the NRA from within, in spite of the sterling efforts and spotless reputation of faithful service and fiscal responsibility of Lapierre and the Original Gangsters that this information was so harmful toward? Or, was it another example of the fiscal malfeasance so rampant in the current NRA’s spending their Members’ dues and donations, not their own money.

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By Ron Carter / June 27, 2019


Take the lessons learned from that Hi Point contest: share it with your friends, share it with your families, share it with your neighbors, share it with your coworkers, share it with your USPSAs, share it with your clubs, share it in your groups, share it with your YouTubers, share it in your podcasts, share it on your AR15coms, share it in your chans, share it with your meme pages, tell every single NRA member that you possibly can to contact their NRA directors. This is our opportunity to wield the power you have. We can change our NRA. 76 in 76.

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By admin / June 24, 2019


You don’t save a sinking ship by standing around and crying about a hole in the hull or mentioning other boats that you FEEL are more seaworthy.

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By Ron Carter / June 21, 2019


Please, use this information to politely, and responsibly, share your concerns with your NRA directors. We desperately need an NRA that is strong, effective, efficient, relevant and accountable to its members.

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By admin / June 17, 2019

Calling All American Gun Owners

We must not be afraid of the truth, not matter how damaging it might be in the short term. Covering it up or ignoring it will only make it worse. As STS Board Member Rob Pincus said to the assembled voting members in Indianapolis, we need to ask these questions, get the answers and then “…deal with the fallout from that honestly and openly, so that we can get on with the business of defending our Second Amendment Rights…”

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By admin / June 17, 2019

Why the Concern?

John Cushman was personally endorsed by the leadership of the NRA during many campaigns over the past several years. He was specifically chosen to run against outside Adam Kraut in the 2017 and 2018 Elections for the 76th Seat on the Board. His comments were echoed by many other members of the NRA “Old Guard” during the Members Meeting, including at least two past Presidents (Hammer and Porter).

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By Ron Carter / June 15, 2019

My First Rodeo

I spoke. I mentioned the ERPO that had been ratified in Colorado and asked why the NRA did not assist. I mentioned these concerns being so dear to me that I did not want to leave Indianapolis until these issues were addressed. If going into executive session at the members meeting meant accountability for the “crisis” Oliver North spoke of, then by all means, do what it takes! I concluded my arguments by saying that “this may be my first rodeo but it won’t be the last. There must be accountability at the NRA.”

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By Ron Carter / June 14, 2019

Freedom to Dissent

Will I follow your efforts blindly, slavishly, without question, just because many of the NRA’s leaders have held their positions of power for longer than I’ve been alive? No, I will not.

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By admin / May 27, 2019

Here We Go

Well, this project has been brewing for quite some time. Many of us have talked about it over the years,...

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