January NRA Board Meeting ’20

January NRA Board Meeting ’20

From Save the Second’s Facebook Event for the NRA Winter Board Meeting We are six days away 

By Ron Carter
January 5, 2020

We are six days away from the January NRA Board Meeting with the Committee Meetings likely starting in just two days.

The NRA Board of Directors meet three times each year, January, April and September. These meetings also host many of the 37 standing committee meetings. One committee meeting in particular will be exceptionally important this year, the Finance Committee meeting on Friday, January 10th at 0900 in Regency Ballroom, 1st level.

The NRA Board has largely been quiet over the fall and winter months. Multiple subpoenas have been served to the NRA BoD, the latest round of subpoenas were likely served before Christmas. Merry Christmas Directors, right? Yikes.

Is this enough to spur change? Is this enough to address the failed leadership and lack of accountability in our NRA? Or is there nothing that will change those directors’ minds? Will they simply continue to allow the malfeasance and self-serving M.O.?

The list of candidates for the 2020 NRA BoD election points to the later with 37 of the 39 having been nominated by the Nominating Committee. Several candidates are only known in the firearms community as a result of acquaintance to Wayne LaPierre. Save the Second’s Guide to the NRA BoD Candidates will be published soon.

Even if the NRA leadership is not at fault for many of the transgressions they have allowed our NRA to be brought to a place where the entire organization is in jeopardy… and in one of the most important election years in our nation’s history. That is entirely unacceptable.

Poll From the Facebook group Friends of Save the Second

What can you do?

You can help by emailing the NRA BoD at nrabod@nrahq.org (please include your member I.D. number) and tell them what you would like them to do. The directors work for the members.

You can attend! You can be there and speak with your NRA BoD’s!!! If you can make it, please come out. As a NRA member you have a RIGHT to attend the NRA Board Meeting per the NRA Bylaws.

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Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain

Pay No Attention To That Man Behind The Curtain

If in fact the finances of the NRA are questionable, wouldn’t the NRA President, Ms. Meadows, have an obligation to tell the board the true financial status of NRA?

By Andy Lander
August 15, 2019

Growing up one of my favorite movies was the Wizard of Oz. One of the most important lessons out of that movie is that once you figure out who the true Wizard is behind the curtain, you need to pay attention. Right now the NRA executives and some of the Board Members are proving that people of money and power only want one thing, more money and will do just about anything to avoid giving up power. It makes no difference who actually pulled back the curtain because the NRA is being poisoned from within and is being run into the ground. I know this sounds like it is coming from somebody wearing a Guy Fawkes mask, but right now there are men screaming into cell phones, talking to Lawyers, drafting cease and desist letters, hoping to silence those of us who want to release the truth about what is actually is going on at the NRA. NRA Board of Directors, all we are asking is grow a backbone and lead us.

Right now American gun owners are under assault and certain NRA Board members are targeting us at Save the Second. Our organization is made up of roughly 4 concerned NRA members and are composed of two regular guys, (Ron Carter, Anthony Garcia) a guy with a bald head (Rob Pincus) that trains people in shooting and makes electronic firearms training content, then myself (Andy Lander) a former employee from the Education and Training Department who wants to see the cronyism stop and seeks reform.

Recently, Willis Lee (NRA Second Vice President) and Joel Friedman, (who tried to adjourn the NRA members meeting in Indianapolis this year without letting the members be heard) who are also current NRA Board Members along with a past President, Ms. Marion Hammer, have accused me along with organizations like Save the Second and the three NRA Board members who resigned a few days back (Timothy Knight, Sean Maloney, and Ester Schneider) as being Bloomberg Spies. That is the farthest thing from the truth! But, I am merely a Tin Man with a Heart set on doing what is right. What the heck is going on? Can the cowardly lions on the NRA board just get some courage and fix it? Because right now all of you are acting like scarecrows and/or it appears you have no brain!

On August 1,2019, three NRA Board of Directors, who requested to have an independent audit conducted, stepped down. Then on August 12 Julie Golob, a newly elected board member, also decided to step down from the board. I’m going to guess that the current NRA leadership is going to do everything in its power to not have the curtain pulled back further. It would not surprise me if those NRA board cronies went as far to say that the directors who resigned had been “planted” on the NRA board for the last so many years by Bloomberg, Brady Campaign, or Mommies who demand some sort of action. Which, of course would be and are absurd, blatant lies.

NRA President Carolyn Meadows and other NRA Board of Directors are saying that everything is alright, or as the Wizard said to Dorothy, “pay no attention to that man behind the curtain”. Carolyn Meadows went so far as to even state that the NRA’s finances are in order. But is that actually true? In the next few months if finances are likely getting low, and legal fees to the Brewer firm remain so astronomically high, you will probably see other board members following suit with those who resigned. There is also the another alternative. Let’s say (hypothetically) that the US Government gets involved, Department of Justice or even a Congressional Inquiry… I have a feeling if that happens the Board Members will start singing like canaries. That reminds me, with all this being said: pay attention to words like “fiduciary” and all the comments regarding Board Members performing their duties, in these open letters from current NRA Board members.

If in fact the finances of the NRA are questionable, wouldn’t the NRA President, Ms. Meadows, have an obligation to tell the board the true financial status of NRA? I think the most reasonable conclusion one could assume is that Ms Meadows does in fact have that obligation. If that is the case, then there is also the question: Is there a legal penalty for lying to the Board of Directors who have been elected by the NRA members to run the organization?

-Andy Lander

Reckless NRA Financial Practices And Sketchy Internal Loans

Reckless NRA Financial Practices And Sketchy Internal Loans

Was it a coup attempt by Ack-Mc to install a replacement that would continue their sweetheart deal for another couple of decades? 

By Ron Carter
August 14, 2019

Another fact filled article has been released with some details of the Reckless NRA Financial Practices and serious money problems that the association has been facing for a long time. Many have wondered why the relationship between Ackerman-McQueen and the NRA Leadership fell apart so massively and so suddenly. Was it all faked to distract from Criminal Investigations? Was it over an embarrassing sex scandal? Was it a coup attempt by Ack-Mc to install a replacement that would continue their sweetheart deal for another couple of decades? It might turn out to be as simple as the PR Firm that had the most inside of inside tracks into what has really been going on in Fairfax realizing that the association simply wasn’t going to be able to pay them for much longer.

Here’s the core of the gory financial details reported today:

While the gun group’s revenue grew only about 0.7% a year over the past decade, NRA expenses grew by an average of 6.4% a year.
And although the organization has historically seen ebbs and flows in its finances, deficit spending has become routine.
Borrowing from unlikely sources
The NRA has been borrowing money to make ends meet amid this deficit spending. Having nearly maxed out its conventional lines of borrowing through banks, it’s also been borrowing from those closer to it.
For example, it has aggressively pushed members to pay upfront for multi-year memberships, effectively borrowing from its member ranks. This strategy comes at a cost, however, by closing off those member dues as sources of future cash. At the end of 2017, the NRA’s obligations to members exceeded $30 million.
It also owes its current and future retirees money – after leaving its pension plan underfunded by $49.7 million in 2017. Reports that it has cut back on those promises by freezing its pension plan point to further resource strain.
Perhaps most striking is the NRA’s stopgap borrowing from its own affiliated charity, the NRA Foundation. Charity spending rules do not allow affiliated charities to simply give the NRA money to cover any expenses, but they can lend it funds. This is precisely what the gun group did in 2017, by borrowing $5 million from its affiliated foundation as a short-term loan that was then extended.
An additional $18.8 million of grants from the charity – representing over 40% of the foundation’s budget – demonstrate the group’s heavy reliance on its affiliate. Since charity rules strictly govern how such funds can be used, the New York attorney general’s office probe will surely scrutinize these cash transfers. Los Angeles Post, 8/14/2019
The NRA has been acting Funny with Member’s Money.

The NRA has been acting Funny with Member’s Money.

The revelations confirm the rumors about Reckless NRA Financial Practices. Issues with retirement plans (except for Wayne’s, as he’s taken Millions of Dollars out early), loans to “The NRA” from its affiliated entities (all while the apologist are still asking for people to fund those supposedly separate entities), and spending that far outpaced actual revenue have all been widely reported from internal sources openly and in whispers for a long time.

Read the Entire Article Here.

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The NRA cannot be accountable by being unaccountable. 

By Ron Carter
July 8, 2019

On Saturday evening (July 6th, 2019) the Save the Second Facebook Page had a new commenter, NRA Board of Director Tom King, who proceeded to start and engage in an exceptionally heated conversation. His initial comment was on our July 1st post asking why so many in the firearms industry are afraid of Wayne LaPierre and his cronies. It is an observation that we have clearly seen. The majority of large Second Amendment publications and journals steer so clear of NRA drama that they did not even report on the Oliver North resignation during the Annual Meeting nor Chris Cox having been removed/replaced

Of the publications we listed in the original post, only Breach-Bang-Clear had made a relevant mention to the drama that is paralyzing the NRA, but even then, Breach-Bang-Clear shared that on January 11th and it was only Duane Liptak’s Op-Ed via David Reeder which Liptak had also shared on Ammonland and elsewhere. Hardly anything has been shared in regards to the current drama by these Second Amendment publications. The TraceWallstreet JournalNPR and more haven’t been so slow or abstinent. Just the opposite, they have been detailed, direct and inquisitive. I very much wish our NRA was as transparent. On May 22nd, President Carolyn Meadows penned An Important Message From Your NRA Leadership & Past Presidents 2019. The letter in hindsight was an attempted coverup as the very next day Ackerman McQueen filed the first lawsuit in a series of multimillion dollar lawsuits. Ironically, two past presidents refused to sign Meadows letter: Oliver North and Pete Brownell.

This reminds me of the 2006 scandal of Pastor Ted Haggard. When allegation that the New Life Church’s pastor had been involved in drugs and homosexual prostitution, few believed it. Many publications wouldn’t even publish such a thing. It wasn’t until Haggard’s half-hearted confession was published that his followers and supports were faced with the reality that they had willfully ignored prior facts based on their discounting news sources as merely attacks. The allegations were so unpleasant that many people simply refused to believe the facts, regardless of what source the reports came from, until it came from Haggard’s mouth directly. During that time even I discounted the reports until they came from Haggard’s lips.

Enter NRA BoD Tom King, who has had some controversy of his own. He initiated the conversation Saturday evening posting, “The Trace is owned by Bloomberg.” A dialog of 67 comments followed from his comment on Save the Second’s post. King’s response to Wayne LaPierre’s travel itemization in which he charged $39,947.50 merely in airfare to go to the Bahamas was, “Didn’t I read that in Bloomberg’s rag The Trace?” Tom King later threatened myself with a requirement to give a deposition in New York from his lawyer, that would come on Monday. How and why that will come is a mystery to me, but this conversation begs a much larger question: What on Earth is going on!? 

Regardless of the criminal investigation launched by the New York Attorney General and comparisons to the removal of CEOs, what companies have ever dug in their heels against their customers? When United Airlines suffered their PR nightmare, did they say that their customer was wrong? No. They settled out of court and reformed the way they dealt with these sort of situations. They listened to their customers. When Tesla received a request via twitter to move the seat back and raise the steering wheel did Elon Musk threaten legal action against the customer? No! Elon Musk himself responded in a surprising way. When Best Buy survived the similar death of Circuit City and the competition from Amazon do you think a Best Buy Board of Director would have condoned their CEO paying more for a ticket than the cost of an entire aircraft for the purpose of taking a vacation?! All the while charging it all to the ad agency’s credit card? You would be off your rocker if you said yes. The NRA is fighting its own members at this point instead of playing damage control like any other corporation world.

The bottom line is that the NRA cannot be accountable by being unaccountable. Those that would insult us as either being “Bloomberg” or playing into the hands of Bloomberg, such as Tom King did, are sitting on the sideline with their heads in the sand while our NRA is being destroyed. It isn’t being destroyed from Bloomberg. It isn’t being destroyed by Everytown of Gun Safety. It is being destroy by the executive leadership’s negligence and directors who condone its potentially criminal malfeasance. Each day the NRA dies a little more due to the BoD inaction. What on Earth is going on in the NRA?!



You don’t save a sinking ship by standing around and crying about a hole in the hull or mentioning other boats that you FEEL are more seaworthy.

By Ron Carter
June 24, 2019

A question I have to ask myself regarding activism via social media: am I truly being ACTIVE if I am just posting negativity, or am I simply using digital graffiti to say “Change the WORLD” without putting in any real work?

It is far easier to say “F*** the NRA” than it is to take action to DEMAND that the NRA Leadership lead, follow, or get out of the way.

We have all shaken our heads at individuals on both extremes of the political spectrum who have been loud of word but quiet of action. It’s said that the pessimist sees a glass as half empty while the optimist sees it as half full. I prefer to be a pragmatist and see it as a glass of water: it could be made more full, but, if I ration it, I can stave off thirst.

Pragmatism takes more mental work; with my limited mental abilities I know that that thinkin’ stuff is hard. But both being a pessimist who says “BURN THE NRA MUTHA DOWN” and being an optimist who says “All will be OK at the NRA if we just let it fix itself” are the EASY ways to AVOID the real, necessary work. Being pragmatic and analyzing a situation, identifying problems, developing solutions, and working to have those solutions put into action – through harder work – provides true results.

You don’t save a sinking ship by standing around and crying about a hole in the hull or mentioning other boats that you FEEL are more seaworthy.


Calling All American Gun Owners

Calling All American Gun Owners

We must not be afraid of the truth, not matter how damaging it might be in the short term. Covering it up or ignoring it will only make it worse.

By Ron Carter
June 17, 2019

It is imperative that our community not be fear-mongered into silence. We cannot be afraid of the truth. It has become apparent that there are serious problems inside the NRA right now… and they’ve been there for a long time. Whistle-Blowers, Leaked Documents and Investigative Reporting have been revealing facts about cronyism, financial malfeasance and potential ethical issues amongst the board members and officers. The devolution of the long-time relationship between the NRA and Ackerman-McQueen has resulted in at least two law suits and the probably dissolution of “NRATV”, a project that the NRA invested millions of dollars in over the past few years and, arguably, the largest and most important source of NRA Messaging to non-members.  Those in favor of the status-quo would have us believe that we shouldn’t be asking questions. Those in favor of the status-quo are sending out messages that everything is fine. Those in favor of the status-quo claim that anyone asking for answers is working with the Anti-Gun Lobby. Seriously?! 

“We’re trying to get the attention of all American Gun Owners focused on the fact that it’s okay to have an open discussion about some of the concerns and, honestly, some of the problems that exist inside of the NRA.”  

– Rob Pincus, Save The Second


There are many concerned American Gun Owners speaking up… Join them in expressing your concerns to the current NRA Leadership! You can contribute by taking our polls, volunteering, donating, posting on our Save the Second Facebook Page, or just reaching out to us here on our website. We also invite you to please join our email list.

We must not be afraid of the truth, not matter how damaging it might be in the short term. Covering it up or ignoring it will only make it worse. As STS Board Member Rob Pincus said to the assembled voting members in Indianapolis,  we need to ask these questions, get the answers and then “…deal with the fallout from that honestly and openly, so that we can get on with the business of defending our Second Amendment Rights…”

Freedom to Dissent

Freedom to Dissent

Will I follow your efforts blindly, slavishly, without question, just because many of the NRA’s leaders have held their positions of power for longer than I’ve been alive? No, I will not.

By Ron Carter
June 14, 2019

Over the last few weeks, as I’ve spoken out a bit more on the recent scandals plaguing the NRA. I’ve begun to notice a familiar response from NRA Board Members. As if they’ve all been coached to use the same talking points, they keep accusing me and other dissenters of helping the enemy, consorting with the enemy, being clandestine spies for the enemy, or down right being the enemy. 

Frankly, I resent that.

I also find it terribly ironic that a bunch of self-proclaimed freedom-loving, Constitution-defending, supposed civil rights activists would balk at dissension from among the ranks. That is not very American.

In response to a letter I recently sent to the NRA Board asking about conflicts of interest, Board Member Wayne Ross predictably played the “you’re the enemy” card, and it was the last straw. After practically suggesting I was on the Bloomberg payroll, Col. Ross warned me to get back in line with him and his compatriots. Below is my response to him. And it’ll be my response to anyone who claims I am against the Second Amendment just because I disagree with the NRA powers-that-be. 

Your letter closed with a plea: “Tiffany… I hope you will join us in our efforts.” Sir, that depends on what your efforts are.

Will I follow your efforts blindly, slavishly, without question, just because many of the NRA’s leaders have held their positions of power for longer than I’ve been alive? No, I will not. Will I join your efforts if they appear to be fueling rather than quelling the current assault on the NRA by the media and by those who wish to restrict or abolish the Second Amendment? No, I will not. Will I join your efforts if they result in waning morale among the membership and dire financial straits that force the NRA to repeatedly increase membership dues and to send desperate fundraising emails claiming the NRA “may be forced to shut down forever”? No, I will not.

But if your efforts include urgent actions to preserve the Second Amendment, to reinvigorate the NRA, and to expand our membership and public support with new blood, new energy, new ideas, and 21st Century perspectives in keeping with modern times, then yes, I am absolutely on board, one hundred percent. Your letter urged me to “decide whose side you are on.” I appreciate the advice, but I am not on the side of any individual person, no matter how long they’ve held their NRA leadership title. Only in autocratic monarchies do subjects pledge absolute allegiance to human beings. As for me, I choose instead to side with the Second Amendment itself — and all the priceless freedoms it enshrines.

– Tiffany Johnson

Here We Go

Here We Go

Well, this project has been brewing for quite some time. Many of us have talked about it over the years,…

By Ron Carter
May 27, 2019

Well, this project has been brewing for quite some time. Many of us have talked about it over the years, but then we’ve gotten busy or distracted, or perhaps we figured maybe it wasn’t necessary. All that has changed now. The National Rifle Association is no longer recognizable as the nation’s leading authority on firearms safety and training. Instead, it is mired in scandal and controversy.

Many gun owners have thrown up their hands and decided to abandon the NRA altogether. With so much turmoil in the air, we can’t exactly blame them. But we have decided to approach things a different way. We still believe the NRA is necessary. We don’t want it to fail. And we think it can be fixed. If the NRA can survive the current tumult and be restored to its former place of prominence, it will be in a much better position to defend our Second Amendment rights. That’s the motivation behind Save the Second. Before it’s all said and done, we hope to bring integrity, transparency, and accountability back to the nation’s oldest civil rights organization.

So, welcome to our cyber-abode. We hope you’ll find this site useful and engaging. If you’d like to learn more about our efforts, please don’t hesitate to contact us. And if you’d like to get involved, we welcome that, too.