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Save The Second is a 501(c)4 non-profit dedicated to the preservation, promotion, and expansion of the Second Amendment. We were founded by two NRA members – Anthony Garcia (President) and Ron Carter (Vice-President) who were tired of watching the NRA fall apart, and decided to do something to save it.

Our vision is to save the Second Amendment by strengthening the National Rifle Association. We hope to grow the NRA’s membership, improve its public image, and secure the NRA’s long-term ability to carry out its stated purpose of protecting our “individual rights of self-preservation and defense of family, person, and property,” as provided in Article II, Section 1 of the NRA Bylaws.

Find out more about how we plan to do that by reviewing our 5 Goals and taking a look through the rest of our site.

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Save the Second
Save the Second15 hours ago
Soldier of Fortune Magazine just released their endorsements for the NRA BoD. Ballots are arriving in the mail this week. On Monday we’ll have an entire podcast devoted to the candidates.

Make yourself educated on who the candidates are here at Save the Seconds’ Guide to the NRA BoD Candidates 2020:

Save the Second
Save the Second shared a post.3 days ago
People starting to show up in VA this morning.

Stay safe, be ready to record at a moment's notice, and keep your head on a swivel.

To those attending, thank you for fighting for our rights.
Save the Second
Save the Second4 days ago
Save the Second
Save the Second was live.4 days ago
Talking about the NRA Winter BoD meeting, Candidates for the NRA BoD 2020 and more!
Save the Second
Save the Second
Save the Second5 days ago
How many of our followers will be in VA on Monday?

Stay frosty folks.
Save the Second
Save the Second shared a photo.1 week ago
From Rob Pincus:

“Some people have forgotten that many of us have been fighting for changes at the NRA before the need became obvious to the majority of the gun community last spring.

Posted @withregram • Blue Alpha Gear Throwback to a year ago when we made page 3 of the Wall Street Journal by canceling our NRAAM booth reservation and donating the money to @gunpolicy along with our boothmates @cole.tac.

We're still hoping to see the NRA fix itself.”

#BlueAlphaGear #MadeInAmerica #MadeInUSA #MadeInGeorgia #savethesecond #changingthenra


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By Ron Carter / June 27, 2019


Take the lessons learned from that Hi Point contest: share it with your friends, share it with your families, share it with your neighbors, share it with your coworkers, share it with your USPSAs, share it with your clubs, share it in your groups, share it with your YouTubers, share it in your podcasts, share it on your AR15coms, share it in your chans, share it with your meme pages, tell every single NRA member that you possibly can to contact their NRA directors. This is our opportunity to wield the power you have. We can change our NRA. 76 in 76.

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By admin / June 24, 2019


You don’t save a sinking ship by standing around and crying about a hole in the hull or mentioning other boats that you FEEL are more seaworthy.

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By Ron Carter / June 21, 2019


Please, use this information to politely, and responsibly, share your concerns with your NRA directors. We desperately need an NRA that is strong, effective, efficient, relevant and accountable to its members.

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By admin / June 17, 2019

Calling All American Gun Owners

We must not be afraid of the truth, not matter how damaging it might be in the short term. Covering it up or ignoring it will only make it worse. As STS Board Member Rob Pincus said to the assembled voting members in Indianapolis, we need to ask these questions, get the answers and then “…deal with the fallout from that honestly and openly, so that we can get on with the business of defending our Second Amendment Rights…”

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By admin / June 17, 2019

Why the Concern?

John Cushman was personally endorsed by the leadership of the NRA during many campaigns over the past several years. He was specifically chosen to run against outside Adam Kraut in the 2017 and 2018 Elections for the 76th Seat on the Board. His comments were echoed by many other members of the NRA “Old Guard” during the Members Meeting, including at least two past Presidents (Hammer and Porter).

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By Ron Carter / June 15, 2019

My First Rodeo

I spoke. I mentioned the ERPO that had been ratified in Colorado and asked why the NRA did not assist. I mentioned these concerns being so dear to me that I did not want to leave Indianapolis until these issues were addressed. If going into executive session at the members meeting meant accountability for the “crisis” Oliver North spoke of, then by all means, do what it takes! I concluded my arguments by saying that “this may be my first rodeo but it won’t be the last. There must be accountability at the NRA.”

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By Ron Carter / June 14, 2019

Freedom to Dissent

Will I follow your efforts blindly, slavishly, without question, just because many of the NRA’s leaders have held their positions of power for longer than I’ve been alive? No, I will not.

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By admin / May 27, 2019

Here We Go

Here We Go Well, this project has been brewing for quite some time. Many of us have talked about it...

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