NRA Member Engagement: Contacting your NRA BoD

Our Fourth Goal: Member Engagement

It should come as no surprise that three of Save the Second’s five goals are related to the NRA Board of Directors (BoD). After all, the BoD largely control the future of our National Rifle Association. You may already know that there are seventy-six NRA BoD. That’s right, seventy-six that control the direction of our NRA. How many can you name? How many have you met? How many have you contacted? How many have replied to you? Let’s say you mailed a letter to each director, how much would that cost?

The NRA BoD answer to the members of the NRA. As NRA members we can influence our NRA BoD and thus the direction of the largest civil rights group in America. Still, member engagement is likely the most difficult of all our goals. A whopping 94% of voting eligible members didn’t vote last year’s BoD election. Those voting members are not likely to know that Chris Cox is packing up his office today or that Hickok45 just announced (as I write this) that he and John will no longer support the NRA. Without a doubt, reaching and educating those members are crucial to the success of making the NRA strong. We are considering different methods of reaching those members (we could use your help), but let’s focus on the BoD. Assume that you are fully up to speed and you know the allegations, facts and have concerns. You need to contact your directors!!! Let’s look at how we contact the BoD.

In January of 2019 Director Timothy Knight wrote an article on Ammoland in which he described how a member can contact their BoD. In the article he describes writing individual letters to the BoD’s as being, perhaps, the most productive method since many directors never see comments, questions or concerns on social media. Those letters take time and are also expensive, though. If I bought seventy-six stamps that would cost me roughly $57.80 right now at my local Walmart. Imagine if I had sent a letter for each new revelation of lawsuits, improprieties or other concerns in the past three months! Suffice it to say that I would certainly not be able to afford continuing to send those letters. I still agree with Director Knight, (if you can afford the time, energy and money to write those directors via mail, do it) but for those of us who can’t there has to be another way.

I have been compiling information on our BoD which, ironically, you won’t find  on the NRA’s website. Unless you receive the monthly American Rifleman magazine you probably have zero clue who those directors even are (outside of some NBA player who hasn’t even been sworn in, but on his second term as a director). There are several others who, like me, have been trying to contact their board and have graciously shared their findings with me. We were worried about the enemies of the NRA obtaining this information but it seems they already have. In fact, if you were to google information on the BoD right now you would see two anti-gun groups front and center sharing more information about the NRA BoD than the NRA’s website ever has. That is appalling to me, but I am further appalled by the lack of means by which we contact our BoD. While that may be appalling to me, I am simply outraged at the lack of attendance certain directors have had. I have included that attendance (courtesy Adam Kraut’s article) on this director list below and Save the Second has a full goal addressing that on our third goal, Director Attendance.

Please, use this information to politely, and responsibly, share your concerns with your NRA directors. We desperately need an NRA that is strong, effective, efficient, relevant and accountable to its members. 

If you are a BoD and would like us to redact any information here, we are happy to do so as long as you have alternate means by which your constituents can contact you.

-Ron Carter

20 thoughts on “NRA Member Engagement: Contacting your NRA BoD”

  1. Thanks for putting all this information in one place. I will start sending emails directly to them instead of the NRABOD address that never seems to go anywhere.

    1. I’m afraid there isn’t a sheet two. That’s my lack of formatting knowledge on Google sheets shining bright. I certainly wish I had more contact information to share. We need our BoD to step up and fix these problems right now.

      1. Great job! Thanks Ron. We’ll be stepping up to the plate and letting the BOD know that we the people are speaking.

  2. Thanks. So far contacting BoD has been a complete waste of time. My funds are limited right now, but I can contact the executive committee now and then get the others. I will simply use the money they keep asking for to send them letters as I will not send them another $ until LaPierre is gone.

        1. I haven’t experienced that at all. All emails that I have sent did not bounce and I had a great conversation with Anthony Colandro as a result. Now, we’ve obviously collected other avenues for you to pursue such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Please, us those to contact your directors.


          1. I have sat here today emailing everyone that had an address available. Apparently a lot of the BoD has deleted their accounts as I also had them bounce back as not able to deliver.

          2. Fixed, as of 7:00am MDT July 3rd. The links for emailing “” some how all had a ‘#’ in the coding, probably from importing. They’re all corrected now. But if you go back and look at the bounced emails, I’m sure that one little bit of code hiccup did that. I’ve been copying and pasting each individual email so I hadn’t encountered that. Sorry. Thanks to you and Steve Olson for finding a bug. 🙂


        2. Found the bug, squashed the bug. The line of code for mailing links all had a ‘#’ on the end. Thanks for speaking up! Found and squashed the bug this morning.


  3. Just FYI… I had several emails not go through. I double checked the info and noticed in many cases clicking the links above was inserting symbols before or after the email address. In most cases it was a # symbol. I removed this and it appears to have resolved the issue. If yours bounced, double check the address,

    1. I think I found the problem. For folks clicking on a directors email, the links all have a ‘#’ at the end for some reason. That’s something todo with Google Sheets. I’m on it this morning to correct that, but for the time being simply look to make sure the email address doesn’t have something funky on it.


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