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This past weekend the September issue of the NRA’s American Rifleman was published and began arriving in Member’s mailboxes. Beyond the excellent articles on the 350 Legend (pg. 45) and the tips for Sticking Glock Mags (pg. 40) is NRA President Carolyn Meadows’ President’s Column, “My Take On NRA’s Leader, Wayne LaPierre” (pg. 14).


Several have suggested after reading her article that Carolyn Meadows was writing particularly about Save the Second such as what Marion Hammer, Joel Friedman and Willes Lee have already done. We have heard that all before and dispelled those lies that we somehow work for an anti-gun entity or would want to see the NRA be destroyed. Again, that is a blatant lie.

NRA President Carolyn Meadows now seems to have been caught in her own lie. You see, there is evidence on Wayne LaPierre’s mismanagement and malfeasance in our NRA. Save the Second isn’t “abetting the progressive-socialist campaign to destroy the NRA and strip away those freedoms we hold so dear.” Save the Second wants the NRA to be accountable so that it is effective in its fight for the freedoms we hold so dear.

Now, as of this morning, it is also Fox News’ Steve Hilton who calls for Wayne LaPierre to go as a result. After sharing a few bits of evidence that President Meadows omits in her column, Hilton says,

“For years Wayne has taken NRA members’ money to live the life of a king but he’s not a king. He’s the head of a nonprofit trusted by millions to use its funds to secure constitutional rights. Wayne LaPierre is an odious little grifter and it’s time for him to go.”

– via Fox New Swamp Watch with Steve Hilton (see video below)

Save the Second

Save the Second wants a strong, relevant, effective, powerful and accountable NRA. We understand that the removal or addition of any single person does not solve the current problems in our NRA nor does it prevent future malfeasance. Save the Second has Five Goals for reforming our NRA. Corruption should have no place in our National Rifle Association of America and no one should be above accountability, especially when United States citizen’s rights are on the line.

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“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

– The Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America

2 thoughts on “Madam President, Fox News

  1. All the false praise for Wayne la Pierre and he can’t even get NRA Competitions current. The NRA runs as much as a year behind on classification cards and national records. That should be the easy part.

    The dedicated staff is overworked and underpaid to free up money to have Mrs. la Pierre’s makeup and hairdressers go with her to first class hotels in exotic locations. Not what the membership intended with the membership’s money.

  2. Wayne appears to be thick as a brick. When the story becomes ONLY about you, you need to seriously consider getting away from the situation for the good of your organization.

    Newt Gingrich was Speaker of the House, and engineered the greatest House-Senate flip campaign (Contract for America) in US history. He had no real bad things in his past (The complaints about an ex-wife and cheating Post Bill-Monica was laughable.) but he looked at things closely.

    He saw the press was making ALL about him. So he resigned leadership and walked away. The press and Democrats were caught flat footed, and had no good response. He did NOTHING WRONG, yet he left.

    Wayne is either too stupid, or too vain to see that. When it becomes all about you, the organization should come first.

    If he thinks a celebrity front man or legal maneuvering is going to stop the NY or D.C. Attorney Generals from savaging NRA he is a fool.

    Conservative or Right Wing persons or organizations don’t get one single bit of slack from the press or politicians. Democrats destroy people with LIES sometimes, and the target never recovers. They are destroyed, or crippled by accusations that are wrong, yet the accusations persist because you can’t prove them wrong.

    Democrats stay in office while under indictment, sometimes AFTER a trial and guilty verdict, up till the day before sentencing. Republicans get accused on Monday, and by Friday are out of office for two days.

    So Wayne and his cronies better be able to go to D.C. and walk on the reflecting pool, or they are gonna get torn apart by the AG’s. Even if nothing ends up coming from it.

    So stay there till the bitter end Wayne. Maybe you’ll get to know how David Koresh felt when the place was burning to the ground around him. It’ll be a “Moral Victory” right, even when NRA is destroyed right?

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