It is Over, But it is Just Getting Started

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We have reached the conclusion of the #76in76 campaign.

The campaign was a call for you to contact each of the seventy-six NRA board of directors before the Fall NRA Directors meeting which is now on September 14th in Virginia. For the campaign we used data that we had pieced together on who the board members are and what means of contact information we could find. You can view the NRA Board of Director list and information here

We started on June 27th with Alan Cors and finished Monday September 9th with William Satterfield, asking you to contact your directors and fix our NRA. If you aren’t aware of the problems plaguing the NRA go to Why Reform

During this campaign we witnessed six directors resign. Along the way we encountered new revelations of malfeasance, corruption and other terrible things that do not belong inside our NRA (such as the mansion, wasteful luxury travel, Josh Powell’s sexual harassment settlement, Marion Hammer’s illegal loans and more.) We also saw more people calling for the NRA to reform. David Dell’Aquila even filed a class action lawsuit against the NRA.

The 76 in 76 campaign was a small campaign that led up to this week. This week is a very important week for the history of the NRA. It is the Fall Board Meeting. Just before the Spring Board meeting in Indianapolis this year, Jeff Knox wrote and opinion on ammoland titled:

NRA’s Future: Only Two Options, Can the BOD Save Us?

Mr. Knox’s prediction 141 days ago seem to be coming into vivid reality, today. I still have hope that the Board of Directors can be the solution but in order for them to be the solution any directors that are on the fence between the LaPierre loyalist and real reform need to be persuaded. 

It is not too late to contact these directors and if you want to see the NRA reformed so that these instances of corruption do not occur again, please, stop what you are doing and write as many emails, facebook messages, tweets, smoke signals or other means of communication using the list to do it!

3 thoughts on “It is Over, But it is Just Getting Started

  1. If Wayne LaPierre and Marion Hammer truly care about our 2nd amendment rights, then they would both step aside, because I believe that they are both parties to the plague that will ultimately be our destruction.
    I got the message from president Hammer, about how the leadership was the only way that the NRA could survive, and that the several board members who resigned, along with the donor who organized the financial boycott until Wayne left and an audit was begun were nothing but hit men, with bad attitudes, and perhaps ambitions of their own
    I left the NRA for a time, but have been back for about 2 years. I plan on staying and trying to help get things back in order. I believe that with proper leadership and the right focus and new setup and a more active board, plus the appearance of proper management of financed, there is no reason we can’t get 10_15 million members in the NRA. And without the need to bribe them with gifts, and without raising rates, due to mismanagement.
    If we could get 20 million members, we could have the ability to set down with even Democrats, and tell them what they could do about gun control, in congunction with our acceptance. There are some good ideas for controlling the ownership of guns, due to the chronic drug use, or untreated mental health problems left untreated. Even a military veteran with PTSD, until he or she has it under control.
    These things are going to cost money, but that is just the way it is going to be. And we will have to learn to accept armed guards in public places, like outside of church or school. But also at every entrance to places like Walmart, or liquor stores, and any other place that is a gun free zone. With a huge increase in the number of trained military members coming home every week, with just a few months or so of training for them to decompress and to learn both the rules of engagement in a land of peace, when they are a special type of active response team.
    I know that you hate to see it happening here, but it will save lives and give our military a purpose. No doubt it would work in most places it was tried, and encourage others to follow suit. Plus, it would keep an eye on the way science can often be pushed so that they get little free time. They are just kids, and need to get to know each other and learn how to deal with the opposite sex. Otherwise, when they hit the real roads they might hit
    grave, possible deadly outcomes.

  2. Thank you for being so vigilant about this issue. If it weren’t for Tom Gresham’s Gun Talk and Armed American Radio with Mark Walters I would have heard nothing about the at the very least “questionable behavior” and practices of major players of the leadership of NRA. I am the NRA and I am NOT represented nor are my positions. Why do we have funds for frivolous expenditures but cut funding for national youth programs?

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