Breaking: A Fifth NRA Director Has Resigned

Julie Golob has resigned her seat on the Board of Directors for the National Rifle Association of America. 

Mrs Golob’s resignation marks the fifth director to have resigned since May 30th, 2019. While board resignations are unprecedented in the organizations history, this is not the first time that directors have been removed. It was the first time that the NRA Institute for Legislative Action chief was suspended and later resigned. Since the myriad of lawsuits, investigations and allegations against the NRA and it’s CEO/VP have come to a head following the NRA Annual Meeting in April, all of the faces of the organization have changed dramatically, with the exception of CEO/VP Wayne LaPierre and his devote followers. 

Below are the names of those directors who have resigned (to date) this year. 

Pete Brownell

Sean Maloney

Timothy Knight

Esther Schneider

Julie Golob

Those who are given the opportunity to fill those board vacancies consist of the runner-up candidates from the previous election. Dave Butz filled Pete Brownell’s resignation. Adam Kraut turned down a seat on the board after the three directors resigned on August first. Anthony Colandro won the election for the 76th seat

It is unknown who else amongst the runners-up below will accept or deny those board vacancies.

Dave Butz

Adam Kraut

Richard S. Figueroa

Paul D. Babaz

Mark Robinson

Anthony P. Colandro

John Thodos

Kevin Hogan

2 thoughts on “Breaking: A Fifth NRA Director Has Resigned”

  1. The NRA is in a death spiral and will continue to die as long as LaPierre runs the show.

    Since he has relegated all power unto himself, the organization will die.

    1. The board is responsible for the oversight. They’re allowing him to have all the power he wants. That is a larger problem, or maybe even the root which is why three of our goals revolve around NRA bylaw amendments so that we can change it from the inside out. Consider, if LaPierre is removed/resigned all the board members who allowed this to happen remain and overall problems aren’t solved.

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