We have been talking with a number of NRA directors to help create a path forward for reform. Some of these directors have come out publicly with statements of support for Save The Second, some have shared our links and our petition in social media. Some are signing on to sponsor proposals for NRA bylaw changes to be discussed and possibly voted on at the next Board Meeting in September.

There are a handful of Directors who are helping to make things better who have not spoken out publicly. There are a variety of specific reasons for their request for secrecy at this point. We as an organization have honored their requests to not be publicly acknowledged. We understand that some Directors are under immense pressure.

Some of this pressure is only social – straining friendships or forcing uncomfortable conversations. In other cases, some directors have expressed specific concerns over threats and intimidation. These threats are to more than just their political standing in a group of elites. Some of them feel that their livelihoods, jobs, businesses, or that of their friends might be jeopardized if they come out publicly. We have heard this from a majority of the directors we’ve spoken to. Obviously, the Old Guard at the NRA has been blatant about their willingness and ability to affect someone’s life, career, and family. 

To try to put this into perspective, imagine that you worked for a company that took great pride in your service as a respected NRA Board Member. Perhaps you served on a couple of important committees, giving you even more social capital and influence that your employer valued. You try to do the right thing in response to the allegations against the leadership of the NRA, perhaps just suggesting that things do need to be audited or discussed publicly… and a few weeks later, you find yourself off those committees and Persona Non Grata with the NRA Inner Circle. Sadly, that Inner Circle still holds the purse strings on millions of dollars in contracts and financial opportunities inside of our community and you are no longer a valued employee. 

These issues involving threats and intimidation are running rampant there, according to sources on the inside. It has paralyzed many and kept them from acting publicly. It’s time the NRA members know this, and can act accordingly themselves.

We are sharing this for two reasons:

Firstly, current, former, and potential NRA members need to know that Save The Second isn’t giving a “free pass” to any Director. We are pushing back against the elites and Old Guard who would have you believe that any criticism of the NRA is done at the behest of “Bloomberg” or that anyone working to reform the NRA is on the payroll of “Soros.” We are pushing those directors who are trying to remain silent on these issues to choose a side, but we won’t betray their confidence. We are supporting the most vocal opponents of the status quo. We are also talking to a number of board members who have personally convinced us that they are working towards real improvement. In most cases they have agreed to vote in favor of bylaw changes that are aligned with the Five Points of Reform.

Secondly, NRA directors that are working for the kind of change that we need at the organization who have not spoken to us need to know that we are willing to hear them out and respect their request for secrecy at this time. We understand the pressure you are under and appreciate that it best helps our cause to keep your intentions to support real reform under the radar until the right time. Please reach out to us.

Contact us personally – through social media (just message our Facebook page),, or arrange contact through any of the directors already speaking with us. We have become aware of some surprising allies over the past few weeks and have adjusted some of our communications because of it. People that we did not believe are on our side actually are. There is more dissent in that building than we realized. There is a lot that we don’t yet know, and we’d love your input. We understand that not everyone is fighting this fight the same way, but we need to know that we are on the same side. 

Any board member, employee, or volunteer for the organization that wants to reach out to us can request this secrecy, and it will be honored without question.


Save The Second Board of Directors

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