Someone is Lying and it Doesn’t Matter

Last Friday October 25th, the legal representation for the NRA amended a complaint against Ackerman McQueen in its on going series of lawsuits against its former long-time advertising agency which, among other things, had run NRATV. These lawsuits have allowed a public eye into the bitter resentment each party has for one another.

It is like watching a bitter divorce air all the million dollar dirty laundry for everyone to gawk at. Embarrassing. Unacceptable. Inexcusable.

On the one hand Ackerman McQueen says (in a statement via the Daily Beast) that “In the final 18 months, AMc [Ackerman McQueen] representatives progressively discovered that LaPierre and his executive team, with the board’s oversight and approval, were marketing false products and narratives to NRA members, covering up sexual harassment, attempting to intimidate public officials, disrupting internal investigations about Russia, spending member money for personal benefit and more.”

On the other hand NRA says in its amended complaint that , “…the NRA has acquired documents and information indicating that AMc fraudulently double-billed the NRA (and perhaps other clients) for professional time and equipment needs, among other things.”

Perhaps neither are being truthful. At this point, it doesn’t matter anymore. As an NRA member who desperately wants to see the NRA strong, relevant, effective and accountable this can only mean one thing. Either our NRA leadership was at best derelict in their duties, or at worst they are terribly corrupt. 

In either case, whether the accusations against the NRA were truthful or not, the NRA leadership is fully responsible for the state of our NRA. I wonder when we will see them accept that responsibility, apologize to its members and relieve those at the helm of their failed command. All we have seen thus far is their continued finger pointing. 

-Ron Carter

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  1. When will they accept responsibility?? They won’t. Some already know this; others have yet to accept it in their minds.

    The NRA is dead and needs to be buried, but right now it’s just a zombie and it’s gonna bite everyone within arm’s reach. For now that happens to be AckMac.

    The toxic sewer that is NRA decision-making has been decades in the making (since the 90’s at the very least) and this is why I rescinded my Life Membership in 2007. I tried to tell people back then but there were too many koolaid drinkers who refused to admit what I saw plainly. Now it’s out there for all to see and only the obstinate and willfully blind to refuse to accept.

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