Save The Second Podcast Episode Two

Save the Second recorded episode two on September 1st, 2019.

In our second episode we were honored to have special guest John Richardson with us. You can find his blog here: and be sure to check him out the Polite Society Podcast!

Discussions for this episode centered around the articles below which were published in the last week of August.

  1. Opinion John Boch – “Wayne LaPierre Purges Outside Counsel Handling Three Key Illinois Gun Rights Cases” TheTruthAboutGunsdotcom. (Tuesday, 27th)
  2. NRA BoD Meeting in Anchorage cancelled/rescheduled to Virginia on the 14th. Jeff Knox’s article on ammoland. (Tuesday, Aug 27th)
  3. Judge snubs Brewer “Ackerman’s lawyers said the firm doesn’t want Bill Brewer, the head of the NRA’s outside law firm Brewer Attorneys and Counselors, to see its highly confidential material. They argued that Brewer was competing with Ackerman to steal the NRA’s public relations work, and that he might misuse the sensitive information.” (Wednesday, Aug 28th)
  4. “The NRA Used Funds to Settle a Sexual Harassment Claim Against a Top Official — And Then He Was Accused Again” – Sexual harassment NRA Chief of Staff Josh Powell, Mike Spies.  (Wednesday, Aug 30th)
  5. Anthony – Marion Hammer running policy at ILA? (Thursday, Aug 29th)
  6. Another suit NRA v AckMc. – CNN. (Friday, Aug 30th)

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