Save The Second Does NOT Want To Destroy The NRA

Today, Save the Second was accused of trying to destroy the NRA.

First we were accused of being Bloomberg (we aren’t) and now we’re accused of trying to destroy the NRA by none other than Marion Hammer and Joel Friedman. Where is that coming from? You can see for yourself that our mission is to “…reform the leadership and bylaws, reduce the amount of wasteful expenditures, and refocus the NRA on the primary task of providing firearms training and education and protecting the Second Amendment.

If that is not clear enough, read this: Save the Second does NOT want to destroy the NRA. We want a strong, effective, efficient, focused, engaged, powerful and accountable National Rifle Association of America. For that to happen, our NRA must be reformed.

As we asked NRA Director Joel Friedman on our Facebook post: Which is it Joel Friedman? Our first proposed bylaw amendment petition received more than double the amount of the required amount of signed petitions for an attendance policy for NRA Board of Directors. Do you think these, your constituents, are trying to destroy the NRA by demanding you and Marion Hammer actually attend NRA board meetings? Or are we trying to better our National Rifle Association by holding you accountable?

You be the judge.

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