On Wayne LaPierre And His Removal

On Wayne LaPierre

Many have argued that NRA CEO/VP Wayne LaPierre must be removed or resign from the NRA. Firearms industry figures like Tom Gresham, Michale Bane and more are among those. David Dell’Aquila’s grassroots movement has even filed a class action lawsuit to that effect. A recent thegunfeed.com poll had only 2% voting say that Wayne LaPierre should stay.

There are only a handful of people publicly supporting LaPierre. Most seem to be NRA Board of Directors such as Willes Lee, Marion Hammer, Joel Friedman, Carolyn Meadow, Charles Cotton, Scott Bach and a few more. Which are you?

You will notice in the five goals of Save the Second there is no mention of Wayne LaPierre anywhere. The reason that Save the Second has no mention of Wayne LaPierre is that we believe that the problems in our NRA are not solved by the removal or addition of any single person.

The malfeasance and failures in our NRA must be confronted and corrected. The failure of the NRA Board of Directors to have acted by now is appalling! The buck may stop at Wayne LaPierre (or he and his wife’s pockets) but that isn’t where the money starts nor where the root of the problem begins. We need accountability in the entire organization not merely the CEO/VP seat.

Let’s be hypothetical for a moment:

Suppose that LaPierre resigned today. What would happen? You see, all of the persons who condone and abet Wayne LaPierre would still remain and they are responsible for installing the next CEO/VP. The “swamp” would still remain. Suppose that I benefited financially from LaPierre’s leadership and wanted to maintain my (undisclosed to Florida regulators) $270,000 annual paycheck thanks to him, I would desperately need to install a Wayne LaPierre 2.0!

Are all of the board of directors bad? Absolutely not! Many are working to solve these issues. Owen Buz Mills made the case for an independent audit after others openly called for it. NRA Board Member Allen West called for Wayne LaPierre to step down in May. Oliver North, currently engaged in a lawsuit as a result, has refused to resign from the Board. While it is discouraging that now five of the seventy-six Board of Directors have resigned over the past four months there are plenty who remain who have the courage to address the elephant in the room, but they need your help!

NRA members have power in their NRA. Check out what that power looks like here: The Power You Wield.

  1. We need an NRA board that’s smaller than 76 directors.
  2. We need an NRA board that has term limits.
  3. We need an NRA board that shows up to the board meetings. (see our bylaw attendance petition which more than double those necessary signed!)
  4. We need an NRA board that listens to and engages with the members and encourages them to participate in their organization.
  5. We need an NRA board that is focused exclusively on the Second Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America.

Stand with us at Save the Second in calling for these reformations of the NRA and the NRA Board of Directors who oversee that leadership. We need more than the removal of a $274,695.03 empty suit. We need these goals met. If the goals are met, and the NRA Board stays true to its mission, corruption will have no refuge in our National Rifle Association of America.

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