NRAAM 2020 – Get Ready

In 156 days NRA members will be in Nashville, Tennessee at the Music City Center for the NRA Annual Meeting. The Members’ Meeting last year sparked many of the calls for reform that we see today. During that meeting a resolution to remove Wayne LaPierre and more from the NRA was nearly passed. Of course, there was much resistance from the Old Guard. If concerned members had shown up, our NRA would be in a very different place than it is today. That is why, 156 days out, we are encouraging you to make plans to attend now!!! Be there!

Many have been discouraged about the inability for members to be unable to reform the NRA. Some have given up. This is our opportunity to rally. This is the event that, should we succeed, will make our NRA strong, relevant, effective and accountable! We need you to show up in order to succeed. We need you to take off work, to travel hundreds of miles. We need you to take back your NRA. Together we can do it. Together. That means with you. We’ll see you there on Saturday, April 18th.

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