“Grassroots Movements”… And A Warning To NRA Directors

David Dell’Aquila, who has been motivating other high net worth donors to the NRA to stop providing funds to the organization has sent a very direct letter to the NRA Board of Directors:

“Dear Members of the Board of Directors:

The process continues to provide you with information that is necessary for the directors of the NRA to assume meaningful “oversight” of Mr. LaPierre and his leadership team. Please see the attachment “Board Development and Accountability” which is an interesting read. Please take particular notice to the following sections: The entire section “II. The Role of the Board” and “Whistleblower Policy.” I informed you last week in my letter on July 26th, that the Grassroots movement no longer recognizes Mr. LaPierre and his leadership team, because of their interference and intentional obstruction of certain Board members’ lawfully pursuing “oversight.” Since then, we learned that the efforts of these Board members continues to be thwarted. A letter from President Meadows resulted in these members “lawyering up.” I can only speculate that President Meadows’ letter threatens the use of By-Laws against them in retaliation. And, perhaps also stated that Mr. LaPierre and his leadership team will no longer address Board members’ concerns until the Alaska Board meeting. The courts, and more importantly, the public will not look favorably upon this abuse of power and essentially quashing any and all oversight from the members of the board until the next meeting.

In the meantime, history will record another blemish on Mr. LaPierre’s legacy and the next steps for securing his replacement and that of his leadership team. Similarly, history will record “Operation Grassroots, “Inside Out,” and “Clean-Up” that will soon be published in a leading newspaper read by millions.”

He also sent them a link to help them understand their accountability in regard to their role as Board Members:

Meanwhile, we are seeing the same things that Mr. Dell’Aquila is… and hearing rumors that the Old Guard of the NRA Board may actually try to remove Directors who are asking questions and working for change, such as Tim Knight, Allen West, Oliver North, Duane Liptak, Esther Schneider, Robert Brown and Sean Maloney.

Learn More about Dell’aquila’s work here: https://helpsavethenra.com/

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