Find a Picture of the NRA President Holding A Gun

On Monday, November 19th, we put out a challenge on our Facebook Page. A simple challenge. The first person to post a picture of the NRA President holding a firearm wins and will receive a $10 Chick-fil-a Gift Card!

Out of the hundreds of views of this video, no one can find a Picture of the NRA President, Carolyn Meadows, holding a firearm.

Google, Yahoo, Bing, or use another method. No one has won, yet. You could win! Give it a try! It should be easy! Carolyn Meadows is, after all, the President of the NRA!

10 Replies to “Find a Picture of the NRA President Holding A Gun”

  1. It is critical that we save the NRA! They are the only ones in a position to fight for our second amendment rights! We are fighting daily for our right to protect our families and fight against our government that working aggressively to take those rights away!

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