We’re entering into the final week to collect petition forms in our attempt to Reform the NRA policy on Director Attendance at Board Meetings. We’ve collected a ton already, we know there are many still on the way, but want as many as we can get… and, if you are a Voting NRA Member, we want one from YOU!

We believe that attendance should be Mandatory. We believe that Mandatory Attendance will increase both participation and accountability amongst the Directors. If nothing else, they will not be able to tell The Members that they didn’t event know what was going on in Fairfax.

If you agree and are a Voting NRA Member, follow this link, download the form, fill it out accurately and get it back to us as soon as possible so that we can make the deadline to turn them in for inclusion in the business of the September Board Meeting… and then SHARE this opportunity to Make the NRA Great Again.

If you are not a Voting NRA Member, please at least SHARE this post so that others who are may see it and support the cause of a stronger NRA! 

#changethenra #savethesecond

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