Dissident Donor Slams NRA & Marion Hammer With Bylaw Citations Related To Possible Corruption Issues

Late last week, David Dell’Aquilla sent an inquiry to the Board of Directors’ official point of contact, Mr. Jon Frazer with bylaw citations and, possibly the laws of New York State, that might have been consistently violated in regard to the money given to Marion Hammer and her Florida Organization annually for decades. Dell’Aquilla has been labeled the “dissident donor” after Marion Hammer referenced him and his efforts to encourage reform at the NRA is a recent ILA Fundraising Letter, The amounts have recently been in the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mr. Dell’Aquila has been doing his research on the NRA Bylaws and proper conduct of a Non-Profit Entity in the State of New York. This section of the letter is particularly concerning in regard to the role that the Board has or has not been playing in supervising Marion Hammer’s enrichment:

Article V, Section 5(a) of the NRA Bylaws says that the NRA cannot pay a board member any salary or “private benefit” without approval of the Board or a Committee of the Board. Specifically, this section of the Bylaws states the following:

(a) No Director or member of the Executive Council shall receive any salary or other private benefit unless specifically authorized by resolution of the Board of Directors or an authorized committee thereof, but all such persons shall be entitled to reimbursement for expenses incurred on behalf of the Association, to such extent as may be authorized or approved by the Board of Directors.

I take this to mean that any payments made by the NRA to any Director or Director’s company or organization, should have a resolution on file which authorized such payment(s).

The letter requests a response or explanation prior to next week’s board meeting. If there is one, Save The Second will share it.

Meanwhile, Dell’Aquilla continues to gain support from high net-worth individuals who have pledged to withhold donations until there is regime change at the NRA. He currently has arranged over 150 Million in withhold funds. He has also initiated a class action lawsuit against the NRA on behalf of Members and Donors who feel their money has been misused. Learn more about his activities at his website.

Save The Second continues to work to educate and represent concerned NRA Members and more than 100 Million American Gun Owners who want a stronger NRA that we can be proud of. Learn more about our Reform Efforts and how you can get involved at savethe2a.org!

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