Calling All American Gun Owners

“We’re trying to get the attention of all American Gun Owners focused on the fact that it’s okay to have an open discussion about some of the concerns and, honestly, some of the problems that exist inside of the NRA.”  

– Rob Pincus, Save The Second

It is imperative that our community not be fear-mongered into silence. We cannot be afraid of the truth. It has become apparent that there are serious problems inside the NRA right now… and they’ve been there for a long time. Whistle-Blowers, Leaked Documents and Investigative Reporting have been revealing facts about cronyism, financial malfeasance and potential ethical issues amongst the board members and officers. The devolution of the long-time relationship between the NRA and Ackerman-McQueen has resulted in at least two law suits and the probably dissolution of “NRATV”, a project that the NRA invested millions of dollars in over the past few years and, arguably, the largest and most important source of NRA Messaging to non-members.  Those in favor of the status-quo would have us believe that we shouldn’t be asking questions. Those in favor of the status-quo are sending out messages that everything is fine. Those in favor of the status-quo claim that anyone asking for answers is working with the Anti-Gun Lobby. Seriously?! 

There are many concerned American Gun Owners speaking up… Join them in expressing your concerns to the current NRA Leadership! You can contribute by taking our polls, volunteering, donating, posting on our Save the Second Facebook Page, or just reaching out to us here on our website. We also invite you to please join our email list.

We must not be afraid of the truth, not matter how damaging it might be in the short term. Covering it up or ignoring it will only make it worse. As STS Board Member Rob Pincus said to the assembled voting members in Indianapolis,  we need to ask these questions, get the answers and then “…deal with the fallout from that honestly and openly, so that we can get on with the business of defending our Second Amendment Rights…”

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