Bail, Patch, or Swim Away!

A question I have to ask myself regarding activism via social media: am I truly being ACTIVE if I am just posting negativity, or am I simply using digital graffiti to say “Change the WORLD” without putting in any real work?

It is far easier to say “F*** the NRA” than it is to take action to DEMAND that the NRA Leadership lead, follow, or get out of the way.

We have all shaken our heads at individuals on both extremes of the political spectrum who have been loud of word but quiet of action. It’s said that the pessimist sees a glass as half empty while the optimist sees it as half full. I prefer to be a pragmatist and see it as a glass of water: it could be made more full, but, if I ration it, I can stave off thirst.

Pragmatism takes more mental work; with my limited mental abilities I know that that thinkin’ stuff is hard. But both being a pessimist who says “BURN THE NRA MUTHA DOWN” and being an optimist who says “All will be OK at the NRA if we just let it fix itself” are the EASY ways to AVOID the real, necessary work. Being pragmatic and analyzing a situation, identifying problems, developing solutions, and working to have those solutions put into action – through harder work – provides true results.

You don’t save a sinking ship by standing around and crying about a hole in the hull or mentioning other boats that you FEEL are more seaworthy.


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