Goal #3: Impose minimum attendance requirements for directors.

NRA life-member Adam Kraut — an attorney and Second Amendment activist — has done a phenomenal public service by publishing recent attendance records of all NRA board members. Adam compiled attendance records from January of 2015 to May of 2018. In that time frame, 22% of the board was absent for at least 30% of the meetings, and four board members did not attend a single meeting at all.

We understand that in many large organizations, supporters often contribute in ways other than attendance at board meetings. Sometimes they bring notoriety, celebrity, or symbolic representation of partnerships and solidarity across different organizations, professions, and interest groups. However, we believe those positions are best reserved for an honorary board. Especially given the difficulties facing the NRA, we need directors who are actively engaged in governance and not just figureheads.

The Plan

To address this problem, we propose establishing minimum attendance requirements for all members of the NRA Board of Directors. The Board of Directors meets three times every fiscal year, including the meeting at NRAAM. Under our plan, any director who misses any two of those three Board meetings would lose eligibility to be nominated by the Nominating Committee for re-election, but they could still run by petition if they so chose. Directors who miss three meetings would be ineligible for re-election by any method.

In the future, Save the Second would support possibly developing an Honorary Board for the purpose of seating people who cannot attend regular meetings but who nonetheless bring other valuable contributions to the organization. However, in the interest of simplicity, we have taken a tiered approach to these reforms. In the near term, our primary focus is attendance requirements.